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“Supported Trump at the direction of the Kremlin”: US Senate announces Russian intervention in the 2016 election of the year

A report from the US Senate states that Russia used social media to support Donald Trump in 2016 at the direction of the Kremlin.

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A Senate Intelligence Committee report says Russia used social media in the 2016 presidential election in the United States as part of the Kremlin’s efforts to spread disinformation and undermine Hillary Clinton’s candidacy in support of Donald Trump. Independent.

A key conclusion by the Senate committee in a report released on October 8 states that the Russian Internet research agency "sought to influence the US presidential election of 2016 of the year, damaging Hillary Clinton's chances of success and supporting Donald Trump as directed by the Kremlin."

“Masquerading as Americans, these operatives used targeted advertisements, deliberately falsified news articles, self-created content and social media platform tools to interact with and attempt to fool tens of millions of social media users in the United States,” the report said.

“This campaign sought to divide Americans on the basis of social, ideological and racial differences, provoked events in the real world and was part of the covert support of a foreign government-selected candidate in the US presidential election,” the report notes.

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The report saw the light after Democrats in the House of Representatives launched an investigation into the impeachment of the president, claiming that Donald Trump abused his power in a telephone conversation with Ukraine, in which he called on President Vladimir Zelensky to investigate the case of “corruption” by the former vice president US Joe Biden, as well as find the roots of the investigation into the American case of Russian interference in the US election.

There is no evidence that Biden or his son Hunter committed offenses while the younger Biden worked for a Ukrainian energy firm. There is also no evidence to support Trump's often repeated allegations that Ukraine, and not Russia, was responsible for interfering in the 2016 election of the year, the newspaper notes.

The U.S. intelligence community has long claimed that Russia launched a multi-purpose cyber attack in the 2016 election of the year. Former Special Advisor Robert Muller said during a public testimony on Capitol Hill that such efforts should have supported Trump's election to the White House.

The Senate Intelligence Committee, which investigated Russia's interference in the elections, on October 8 released the second version of its report entitled "Russian campaigns of active action and the intervention in the US elections of the 2016 of the year, volume 2: Russia's use of social networks with additional views."

It says that the information campaign in Russia "was large-scale and pursued goals that went beyond the presidential election of 2016 of the year."

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The committee also provides findings that link Kremlin leadership with a controversial online research agency. This agency, according to experts, is fundamental in the process of Russian intervention and its influence on US elections.

Representatives of US intelligence warn that Russia continued its operations on social networks and on other platforms in anticipation of the 2020 presidential election of the year, along with other foreign entities such as China and Iran.

Donald Trump called the Russian investigation, which overshadowed the early years of his presidency, “fraud” and “witch-hunt”. His own appointees disagreed on this position. However, they told Congress committees investigating Russian interference that the US election process was not adequately protected from campaigns of foreign influence.

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