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The postal service told when to send holiday packages so that they arrive by Christmas

The holiday season is approaching faster than we are ready for it. With the possible exception of the United States Postal Service (USPS), which said it had "planned for months to make this the holiday season the best ever." About what the department did, the publication told Yahoo!.

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In fact, the USPS said preparations for the 2022 holiday season began as early as January. Several "critical investments" were made ahead of the season, according to the service. These include the deployment of 137 new parcel handling machines, the transition of more than 41 part-time employees to full-time work, and active initiatives to hire an additional 000 seasonal workers.

“Successful holiday delivery is the cornerstone of our 10-year plan,” said Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. “With 655 postal employees, a recent investment and increased accuracy, we are poised to become the most used delivery service provider this holiday season.”

But as USPS continues to prepare for the upcoming holiday season, the service has an important new update for customers.

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The agency is warning people of a new deadline ahead of the holidays.

On October 4, the postal agency issued a press release warning about delivery times for the upcoming season. The ad lists dates that customers should look out for “for estimated delivery by December 25th,” i.e. around Christmas.

“The Postal Service wants to make sure you send all your holiday mail on time so your family and friends can receive and enjoy the holidays,” USPS explains. “Therefore, to ensure that your cards, letters or parcels are delivered on time, pay attention to the delivery deadlines for different types of mail.”

The first holiday delivery date for customers is early next month.

The first date on the 2022 schedule is November 5th. According to the USPS, customers wishing to send holiday mail to addresses related to military installations (bases, towns, etc.), with all postal codes, must deliver their packages to the USPS by this date.

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To send military mail after this date with receipt before Christmas, you can use Priority Mail and First Class Mail until December 9th and Priority Mail Express Military until December 17th.

For non-military addresses (which most customers will use), the general mailing deadline is December 17th. The last chances for most Americans to receive mail before Christmas are December 19 with Priority Mail and December 23 with Priority Mail Express.

There are exceptions for Alaska and Hawaii. For on-time delivery between the US mainland and Alaska, customers will need to mail before December 2nd. For Priority Mail, delivery times between Alaska or Hawaii and the rest of the country are December 17th. And for both states, the Priority Mail Express end date is December 21st.

But there is no guarantee that your mail will be delivered before Christmas.

However, even if you meet holiday delivery deadlines, send holiday mail as soon as possible because it can still arrive late if you delay. Delivery before December 25 is "not a guarantee unless otherwise noted," the USPS said in a statement. “The actual delivery date may vary depending on the destination, the date and time of receipt by the post office and other conditions, including customs delays.”

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In the U.S. Christmas mail
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