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Mail lost ticket: Florida woman lost lottery win

A Florida woman says she lost her lottery winnings after the United States Postal Service (USPS) lost her lottery ticket. Writes about it New York Post.

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Sue Burgess of Hernando County said she was thrilled to discover earlier this summer that she had won $ 1000 in the Second Chance Lottery.

“I was delighted. It was like winning a million dollars to me, ”Burgess said.

But at the time, she could not claim her winnings at any of the local lottery offices, as they were closed due to the pandemic.

She followed the instructions of the state lottery and went to the post office to send her ticket by certified mail.

Burgess said the ticket was never delivered to the lottery office within the week it took to claim the prize.

Her tracking information most recently showed that the ticket was in transit at the Tallahassee Post Office on 12 August.

“I was told that the company did not receive a ticket, and there is no ticket - no prize,” Burgess said.

Burgess said she could have left her ticket in the mailbox at the local lottery office, but she decided that certified mail was a safer and more efficient option.

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“I understand that with COVID-19 mail goes a little slower. But for security reasons, registered mail usually takes priority, ”Burgess said.

Six weeks later, the winning ticket has still not been delivered.

The USPS apologized to Burgess and said it is partnering with a lottery company to help the woman claim her prize.

“We apologize to Burgess for any inconvenience she may have experienced,” the postal service said. “In this particular case, we are continuing to work with the lottery representatives to confirm receipt of the postage.”

The Florida Lottery has stated that it is not responsible for any errors made by the postal service, but will make an exception for Burgess and pay her a prize if the parcel appears marked as shipped on time.

“Burgess's situation is unusual and, to our knowledge, no other winner has faced a similar problem,” the lottery said in a statement. - Since the company did not receive Burgess's ticket within the seven-day application period, an alternate winner was selected and the prize was paid to him. However, if Burgess's package arrives at Florida Lottery Headquarters with a date stamp before the original expiration date, we will pay out the winnings. ”

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