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Why life in the US is better than in Russia

Not all emigrants who have left for the United States dream of going back to their homeland. Reader, a native of St. Petersburg, Olga told why she left Russia at the beginning of this century and does not plan to return home.

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My reasons are: safety, comfort, the ability to build a personal life even after 50 years, to dress beautifully, go to theaters, museums, drive safely and, most importantly, find a job, of course, with a decrease in my Russian status.

Moreover, the last advantage is the most painful, not for my environment, for me - I cannot talk about what I read, in what theaters and museums I have been, I cannot show my intellect, I cannot even dress beautifully for any meetings. Everywhere, in any society there is envy - they will be fired (not of the same blood), they were fired twice, and once an African-American nurse wrote a denunciation against me, thank God, the director was a normal aunt, she understood and protected me, she did not want to wash dirty linen in public - work harassment.

In the United States, they take a prestigious job, usually those who come to study or by invitation to work. The rest need to receive diplomas or certificates in order not to work all their life as a seller, cashier or security guard. And this time, money and hard enough to study and pass exams in a foreign language. I passed a medical certificate - now an assistant pharmacist, and in Russia a chemical engineer, production manager, deputy. commercial director of one of the St. Petersburg factories.

You can, of course, open your business. This also requires money, an understanding of the conjuncture, knowledge of the laws and, of course, youth and character.

I want to make a reservation that quite a lot of Russian people live modestly in the USA, but their goal is the future of their children. This goal justifies their deprivation.

As for the budget: a family of two can live very modestly on $ 3000 a month, I don’t want to list the obligatory expenses - there are much more of them than in Russia.

I earn an average of 3000 dollars per month, and I would never have been able to go to theaters, museums, exhibitions, restaurants, if it were not for my rich friend who pampers me with gifts and entertainment, but I pay all my bills myself.

True, one expense - unjustified for me - a two-story house - a mortgage, there are personal reasons why I do not part with it.

I have enough American friends, but they are different - I can't call them after 8 in the evening, I can't cry if I feel bad - it's not accepted. Your problems - your problems, however, will always help if you ask.

There are no Russian friends and I don’t want to have them, it’s almost impossible to find a real soul mate in the emigrant diaspora. Tried and swore, climb into the soul with tips.

Traveling to Russia - even when my American husband was alive - is problematic - you often can't get $ 2000 out of your, even a fairly good budget. Remaining phone calls and skype. Is it possible to replace real human communication with a surrogate?

Russians, and indeed any emigrant to the United States, have two choices. The first is to join American society, the second is to live with your own Russian world.

Both ways are acceptable, so outwardly you live comfortably, work, cars, apartment or house. True, in the second case you will never know the American laws, everything will be someone else’s for you. Why such a life?

I chose the first way, for example, living without insurance after the death of my husband, I found a clinic (they are in every district), where there are big discounts for people with low wages. In the first year, when I earned less than 1000 dollars, teaching at school, I paid only 15 dollars for a visit to the doctor and did not pay for any procedures and examinations.

On health care in the US: There is no comparison - excellent - for all rich and poor. Roads, cars, nature, caring for people in the United States are much better. And one can argue about mentality, about the ability to express one's thoughts in the native language, about the value of real human communication, about culture!

For example, I recently was in a theater at a play "You can't take it with you. ” and for the first time since 13 years of living in the USA, they understood their humor and laughed heartily.

Americans are pragmatists everywhere and in everything. They do not have our Russian pessimism, digging into the soul. Maybe that's why they built a great country, they had no time to play the fool, they work!

I do not pretend to the ultimate truth, but to leave Moscow and St. Petersburg - what’s the point? Of course, if you are offered a job, where you can realize your talent, or you are young and lonely, you want to see the world, and just throw out - think!

PS Birches are the same everywhere, and the Motherland is the same, even if she is a stepmother!

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