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Why the immigrant refused to work in the USA and returned to Kazakhstan

Kazakhstanis often leave for other countries to get an education, work, and live. Many remain in foreign lands. Vladimir Golets from Aktobe (formerly Aktyubinsk), a city in which just over 300 thousand people live, I am sure that his story is different precisely in that, after studying in America, he abandoned life in the USA and returned to his homeland.

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When the young man was 16 years old, Vladimir set off on the FLEX exchange program in the USA, Texas, Dallas. The family supported him, and the people in whose family he ended up in the country of the star flag helped to enroll in an American university.

“I first went to a local college where I studied for two years to gain enough hours to transfer to university. Further, thanks to hard work and high scores in the subjects, I was able to transfer to one of the best public universities in the USA - Texas State University (University of Texas), where I studied for three years,” says Vladimir.

During his studies, the guy managed to earn money and play sports. In addition, the young man underwent an internship in the Dallas City Hall, and worked for six months by profession in one of the private departments of the Ministry of Education.

Then Vladimir became a graduate - he received a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management (BBA).

However, instead of building a career, like many in America or other Western countries, Vladimir returned to Kazakhstan. Some people think this is strange, he said, but the young man says that he received American education not to “catch up” in a foreign land, but to benefit his native country.

“What about the homeland? What about your native land? What about the fatherland? I have a work permit in the USA, but I have not used it and am unlikely to use it. To anyone’s regret or joy, I could not exchange the taller buildings and wider roads in the States for the peace of mind and tranquility that I experience in my native country and city,” says Vladimir.

The guy confesses - the parents still hoped that the son would remain in the United States, but the decision to return home was accepted with joy.

“Although there is a recession in our country and in all CIS countries, and it is difficult to find a decent job that would be decently paid, I am not discouraged, because I believe that after the descent there will be an ascent, and that in our country you can achieve much more if you you have a head and you are an enterprising person than in European or American countries,” says the young man.

A Kazakhstani, however, got a prestigious job in a fast-growing Kazakhstani company and is happy.

“I realized that getting the coveted American citizenship or citizenship of one of the European countries, and going to work all my life and living according to instructions, as many of our compatriots live abroad, afraid to say or do something unnecessary, is not for me,” - concluded Vladimir.

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