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Why in the US you can be fired at any time

In the United States, the relationship between the employer and the employee is virtually unregulated by law, so you can easily find out about your dismissal in the morning - and before lunch you will be forced to take all your belongings from the workplace. User community "Pikbushniki North America" ​​under the nickname Diaver spoke about the labor code in the United States, or rather, about its absence.

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The United States is a country in which the main lawmaking approach is a minimum of regulations. It is believed that legislative restrictions should be minimal and only in those areas in which it is impossible without these restrictions (such as medicine, army, etc.). This approach, including the impact on the regulation of the relationship between the employer and the employee. There are very few legislative restrictions.

The most important of these restrictions:

- Salary should not be below the minimum. In different states in different ways, but on average it’s about 8 bucks per hour, for California it is a little more than 10 bucks per hour, as far as I know.

- 10 vacation days per year. In good companies, this vacation can be 20 working days. In advanced companies from Silicon Valley in general, there may be no restrictions on the length of the vacation - you go on vacation, for how many days you need.

- No discrimination on any grounds. Any discrimination is severely punished, including through the judicial system. If, for example, you were fired due to the fact that you are gay and openly admit it, then this will be a great gift for any lawyer and very large financial and reputational losses for the company.

All other interaction rules are described in a separate agreement between the employee and the employer.

Since there are almost no legislative restrictions, the employer, for example, may ask you to work on the weekend, and most likely you will not be paid anything from above. Of course, you can refuse and thereby jeopardize your position, and to be dismissed in the states - this also means losing health insurance from the employer, without which it is cheaper to die.

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At will

As a rule, these agreements are marked “at will” - this means that the agreement can be interrupted at any time by any of the parties. That is, you can be fired at any time, for any reason. This leads to the fact that people, especially in low-skilled jobs, are very worried about not losing their place. This is one of the reasons why in the states it is impossible or almost impossible to meet rudeness / rudeness among service workers, including in state-owned companies.

For example, if you asked for help from a store consultant, but he did not help you and waved it away, then this is quite enough for the employee to be fired.

An example from life.

One of my friends in Chicago bought a car. After the purchase, he received a call from the head office asking how everything went and whether he was pleased. He replied that the manager was so-so, and he didn’t really like working with him. After some time, he was called back and was told in a joyful voice that the manager who had sold the car to him was dismissed and a new personal manager was appointed to him.

The same “at will” item works the other way: anyone can quit at any time. For example, if the boss got you, then you simply inform that you are quitting - and tomorrow you will not be at work. Nobody can make you work two more weeks.

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Maternity leave

Again, if this clause is not separately described in the individual agreement, then there is no special maternity leave. Typically, women are given a couple of months only after giving birth to recover and go to work. In such cases, American families either find a nanny who will sit with the child, or (if the woman’s salary does not cover the costs of the nanny), the woman becomes a housewife. There are no state kindergartens, no nurseries either. Private nurseries cost 1000-1500 bucks a month for one baby, the nanny is about the same. My colleagues, as a rule, have two or three children in the family, and the woman does not work.

Is everything so bad?

Such an approach in the field of labor relations was formed a long time ago and has both negative sides in the form of low social protection of the population and positive ones in the form of quality and productivity, because if an employee does not try to do his job as efficiently and effectively as possible, then his can dismiss at any time.

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