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Why do immigrants in the USA are advised not to work with Russians

In the United States, there is a saying among long-lived emigrants from Russia - don't work with Russians. And if possible, do not contact them here.

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Why is such advice given, said in her blog for “Yandex Zen“Lena Lukashova.

In the companies that our compatriots in America have opened, this is manifested most often. Often, their owners use the position of a new immigrant and assign him the lowest rate per hour. Moreover, in all states there is a statutory rate, below which you can not pay. In California, for example, it is $ 12.

The most trash is when a person who works unofficially is paid $ 5 per hour (which is a penny for the United States), while in fact such work costs $ 20 per hour. Yes, I agree, since I started working unofficially - your problems. But paying half as much for work to your own compatriot is some kind of tin.

For a long time, my friend in the USA could not find a job in her specialty - design. The search process dragged on, and the deadline for paying rent was approaching. Suddenly, she came across an ad on the social network - she had to sit with a child of nine from 13:00 to 16:00, feed him lunch, and from 18:00 to 22:00 be with him in the evening. In return, they promised free accommodation and food.

“This is a great opportunity for those who have recently moved to the United States and are struggling with money,” the announcement said.

“Aha, only you are not going to pay money! Well, game! ”, - this is how people who have lived in the United States for a long time reacted in the comments.

My friend, an American, when he heard this, just swearing obscenities. And he explained: for such work, even illegally, people get at least $ 1500-1700 per month. In addition to free housing and products.

And yes, adequate and eager to help the Russians also have in the United States. But alas, there are also enough people willing to cash in on the position of the newly arrived immigrant compatriot.

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You know, sometimes it takes anger. Take the same Mexicans. It is worth one move to the United States - immediately pulls a galaxy of numerous relatives and friends. Mexican, Chinese, Hindu families in the United States - as separate clans. In the best sense of the word. Help each other with work, living. I noticed that they have this national connection is much stronger.

Madly shocked me in our immigrants to the United States the following.

Many of them are negative about the Russians who have recently arrived in America. Although five years ago they themselves were the same.

“Let them restrict the entry of these migrants, otherwise all of our people will get over!” They often say in all seriousness. As if afraid that America is not rubber. And if suddenly someone asks in a group on a social network how to move to the United States, freshly baked American citizens from Russia will immediately begin scribbling caustic comments in the style: “Yes, only as a cleaner and you can work!”, “Stay at home, America is not for everyone!”.

But the most horrible thing is when they throw their own people for money. For example, they promise to bring the necessary medicines from Russia, which are many times more expensive in the United States. Of course, after receiving the money, you guessed it, these people disappear.

Colossal money is being made on the dreamers of the American dream. Some Russians present themselves as immigration lawyers and promise their compatriots to obtain a residence permit in the United States, asking for their services from $ 5000-10000 to the notorious infinity. People borrow money from relatives, save up, give the last, and ... alas, the result is one. Of course, there are scammers everywhere. But when our people substitute their own people, and people do not just lose money - they are denied entry to the United States after the actions of would-be lawyers - it's just hell.

But when you meet an adequate and good compatriot, you strive not to lose contact with him. Perhaps that is why many of our compatriots in the United States have been friends for decades, or even more. Conduct sincere conversations over a cup of tea. They go on a visit, treat them with borscht and call for a holiday, without demanding to pay for the food for themselves, like Americans. Indeed, in this warmth and soulfulness we are. So you want this to be more. Without these terrible stories, like a Russian, he threw his own money in the States.

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