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Why is it advantageous to celebrate New Year in America, but not Christmas?

America is not celebrating the New Year, but Christmas. And what if you come from our places and do not want to change your habits? That's right! After all, it is also profitable, and here's why:

Cheap Christmas trees and attributes

Since the Americans put up the Christmas tree for Christmas, in order to get Santa's presents under it, then on Christmas night there are crazy sales on Christmas trees, like we did after the New Year. Especially on live Christmas trees, because they have already been cut down and will not be left until next year.

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However, this rule does not always work. After all, the States are a multinational and multicultural country, and Americans are used to the idea that different nations can celebrate holidays in their own way. Therefore, at Brighton Beach, do not expect big discounts on Christmas trees before the New Year - they know their buyer there. But on the other hand, the Americans very quickly part with unsold remnants, and sometimes, if you didn’t manage to grab the Christmas tree the night before Christmas, it might not be on sale the next morning!

No religious overtones

I do not know whether you are religious or not, but the New Year is still a religious-neutral holiday: just one year ends, and the second begins. Whereas Christmas is a religious holiday, or with religious roots: this is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, whatever one may say, at Christmas you will not get away from Christian subjects. Whether you like it or not - you decide, as well as answer possible questions from children. Why was little Jesus born, and brings gifts to Santa? Did Santa bring gifts to Jesus? What do deer, gnomes and hares have to do with the birth of Jesus? Why should I behave myself: to get a gift for Christmas or to get into the kingdom of God to Jesus? And so on. Thinking it out for yourself ...

You can get gifts from both Santa and Santa Claus

If you live in the cultural tradition of celebrating Christmas, then you will meet Santa everywhere and rather get some presents from him.

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Santa will be handing out something in front of the supermarket, Santa can be photographed at a restaurant, Santa will come to your area by fire truck, Santa will come to the neighbors' children, your American friends will give you something “from Santa” and so on. In general, one way or another, at this celebration of life for you and your children, something from Santa will fall. And on the New Year everyone will be waiting for legitimate gifts from his native Santa Claus! Well, how else?

Santa Claus can not bring everything to the USA

Hope your kids don't read this item. In general, sometimes there are such cases when Santa Claus cannot bring children ordered by children. There are different situations: the grandfather didn’t have enough finances, he considered that a dog would not be the best addition to a cat, fish and hamster, the trampoline might not really please the neighbors, after all he didn’t give Santa the ear plugs and the sedative. happens.

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But this is America! And Grandfather Frost is traveling from Siberia! And he still throughout the vast country gifts to deliver kids. After all, he may not have time to deliver right everything, everything, everything that you ordered. So you need to make a discount on this account and not be offended by the grandfather if something happens.

Before the New Year - weekend

Although Americans are celebrating Christmas, not New Year, January, they also have an official federal holiday on 1, and, accordingly, a holiday. One official day off at Christmas and one at New Year - all to be honest. Many employers give rest from December 24 to January 2, so you will have time to celebrate the holiday with your friends and relax yourself, not thinking that you need to go first to work. Conveniently!

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Mail is not overloaded

Do you usually need to buy some gift at the last moment? Without a new thermometer, you do not know how you will check the readiness of the New Year's stuffed duck? Burnt garland on the tree? No problem!

Everything can now be found on the Internet, and after December 25, you have time to order everything you want and not get into Christmas mail madness, because it has already passed. True, if you forgot to send gifts to your home country, here the unloaded American mail does not help you at all - at home our mail is still in gift time.

No need to choose New Year's Eve: go somewhere or stay at home

The annual problem of many of my acquaintances and friends, especially single ones: where to celebrate the New Year? With your family or friends? I would like to sit at home and cut and eat salads, and see “Die Hard”, or “Enjoy Your Bath” - as you like, and at the same time, friends invite you to some crazy party in a restaurant or bar, where there is no need to cook, and you will be entertained live, and not on TV, and you can dance, fool around and even sing karaoke!

Hard choice! But not in the USA! Everything is simple here: at Christmas we hang out with friends in establishments, and on New Year's we cut Olivier to "Home Alone" and make wishes under the chimes.

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