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US immigrant businessmen and quarantine removal: what our people think about the situation in the country

Ukrainians in the United States, including businessmen, told VOA News how they relate to the removal of quarantine restrictions for the service sector.

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Georgia was the first US state to quickly quarantine. The governor has already allowed most of the service companies to return to work, in particular beauty salons, restaurants and gyms. Nevertheless, the Americans were cautious in removing the restrictions, and some business owners are in no hurry to get to work. And a similar situation is observed throughout the country, said Ukrainians living in the United States.

Say, Natalia Oniskiv, who lives in Atlanta, opposes the early lifting of restrictions, but believes that beauty salons can work in a safe mode. She already managed to evaluate the conditions of service on her experience while visiting a hairdresser.

“I felt absolutely comfortable. Nobody breathed on me, nobody coughed. All staff are wearing gloves and masks. It probably depends on the salon, in particular on its owners, on the visitors, ”says Natalya. And restaurants and gyms, the girl believes, are still too early to open, because it is too difficult to adhere to safety rules there. “In the next few weeks, I will not go to the restaurant or the gym. Although I know enthusiasts who are looking forward to the opening of these establishments. "

Small business owners in Georgia themselves are faced with a dilemma: take risks and open up or continue to lose profits.

Ukrainian from Feodosia Lisa Saritash and her husband own five restaurants in Atlanta. They are in no hurry to open their institutions.

“We decided to stay closed because we prioritize the safety of our guests, as well as our employees and team. We believe that we are not ready to open yet ”.

In two or three weeks the situation may change, but now only two restaurants of Lisa are preparing takeaway food. Thus, the restaurateur says, they are trying to support workers who do not receive unemployment benefits because they do not fall under the criteria approved by the state.

In the North of the USA, in Chicago, the restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine "Trident" remains closed. Its owner, Miron Levitsky, says that the take-out format didn't work for them. The restaurant made an exception only for Easter - they sold holiday baskets with homemade cakes and sausages.

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In Illinois, unlike Georgia, the authorities have no plans to lift quarantine restrictions. Levitsky, who has security and the unique atmosphere of his establishment in the first place, does not intend to open in May, but makes plans for June.

“You may need to wear masks, sit at a distance from each other. We want to open up and work. But work in more pleasant circumstances. We are not interested in making the restaurant look like an operating theater, ”says the owner of Trident.

Both Miron and Lisa applied for state benefits for restaurateurs and service workers, but have not yet received a response.

Lisa, who had been building this business for 14 years with her husband, says they will have to start from scratch.

“Unfortunately, even after opening, the recovery process will be very long. It will not be a year or two until we reach the results that we had as of March 19. However, we now have more experience. "

However, businessmen do not lose optimism. In this situation, they see no other way out than staying at home, protecting their business and employees, and most importantly hoping only for the best.

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