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Why you should always take a tennis ball on board

This strange at first glance item for your carry-on luggage actually has huge benefits - and may even save your life. Reader's Digest.

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Let's be honest: these days, airplanes can barely hold your own legs. Given the limited space that comes with the economy seat, you can spend hours in an uncomfortable position with a chained neck and back, which seriously affects your blood circulation.

Although most people know that being able to get up and walk around during a flight can help speed up blood circulation, this does not always work (or it can be convenient!). In this case, a tennis ball comes to the rescue.

Sounds weird? Just read on. Tennis balls can get around any fancy, expensive gadgets when it comes to alleviating pain, improving blood circulation and relieving stiffness. And, as it turns out, the presence of such a ball in your hand luggage can prevent blood clots from forming on long flights or trips.

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Rolling a tennis ball along the body weakens stiff muscles and stimulates blood flow. This is almost the perfect self-massage on the go, the need for which you had no idea. Tennis balls are not only compact enough to fit in a small bag, but using them during the flight will not bother your neighbors. In addition, fortunately, this is not a thing that airport security officials may not like.

There are certain areas that you should focus on when performing self-massage. Key body parts that require your attention include the ankles, wrists, hips, legs (especially the calves), and the upper back and shoulders. Gently press the ball to each area while performing movements, and be especially careful with any tension points or spasmodic knots.

The advice seems simple enough, right? It can make your life a lot easier and keep healthy.

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