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Why the US is so attracted to immigrants and 8 ways to move to America

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Have you ever wondered why almost all people who dream of emigrating look towards the United States? I thought, and I have an answer to this question, as well as a list of available options for moving to the USA for those who are not just thinking about emigration, but are ready to act.

During my life, I managed to live in four countries: Uzbekistan, Japan, USA and Canada.

Uzbekistan is my homeland, I love it very much and always remember it warmly. However, there are fewer opportunities for business development in it than in the USA, and since childhood I dreamed of starting my own business.

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I lived and worked in Japan when I was a student. There are mega-cool people, very hardworking and educated, a very strong education and an interesting culture that never ceases to amaze me every day.

However, I constantly felt like a foreigner, not belonging to the local culture. I felt curious looks on myself. When I worked at McDonald's and 7/11, I constantly felt close attention and answered a million questions, where am I from and what am I doing here ...

Very exhausting, I tell you!

I like the United States because here you don't feel like a foreigner, we are all immigrants here. All have equal opportunities.

Plus, as I mentioned earlier, the US has the most favorable business environment. It is comfortable to live, work and rest here. Thanks to a well-developed economy and infrastructure, you can, if you wish, earn very good money, and therefore significantly improve your standard of living.

How to move to the USA

I am asked this question even more often than "how to start your own business?", Despite the "quarantine curtain".

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Well, I'll just google and tell you about the most popular ways to move:

  1. Green card lottery

In fact, you shouldn't consider this option as a guarantee of moving at all. Quotas are issued a little, but you can always try your luck. I advise you to fill out the questionnaire only on your own or through trusted agencies on the official website - Be sure to keep the completed questionnaire for future reference. The immigration officer will ask you questions about it if you suddenly win, even if after many years.

  1. Political asylum

This option is for those who are oppressed or persecuted in their home country because of race, religion, sexual orientation, and more. You can apply both from your home country and while in the United States (within a year after arriving on a tour visa). More info on, I-589 form.

  1. Marriage to a US citizen

Well, there is no need for explanations, I think. Even being at home, you can get a bride or groom visa, and upon arrival in the States go to the green.

  1. Work Visa

If you are a unique specialist (that is, it is difficult for you to find a replacement in the USA), then the employer can issue one of the following visas for you: H1b, H2b, EB-2, EB-3, EB-4. There are many nuances in this matter and it is better to consult with an immigration lawyer. I myself came to the United States on an H1b visa.

  1. Family reunification

If you are fortunate enough to have close relatives with US citizenship, then this is the option for you. You just need to submit an application to USCIS and await approval. Sometimes it takes a long time.

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  1. Visa for gifted individuals (athletes, activists, journalists, even bloggers) with a long track record of achievements.

There is little to do - to show why you are so unique. Google an O-1 (or EB-1) visa. There are also several options for businessmen with an existing business in their home country, whose branch they would like to open in the United States (L-1 visa).

  1. Investment visa

One of the options is E-2 (the issue price is 100 thousand, but without the opportunity to get a greenhouse, although you can legally live and work in the States), as well as a program for investors - EB-5 (you need to invest from $ 900 thousand and not hire less than 10 US citizens).

  1. At random

For the more risky, there is always an option to come with a tourist visa and look for options on the spot either alone or with a lawyer (this is an unreliable and expensive way).

In any case, in such matters, I would advise you to contact specialists, and not listen to bloggers. Even business people like me 🙂

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