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The flight attendant revealed the real purpose of seat belts on the plane

Flight attendants are responsible for the comfort and safety of passengers on board an aircraft, which means following many protocols and rules during the flight. One of these rules is to wear your seat belt when the light comes on. But not everyone knows why it is generally undesirable to unfasten seat belts during a flight, writes Express.

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The primary role of flight attendants in the sky is to ensure the safety and service of passengers. This means they are required to offer food and drinks throughout the flight, as well as making sure people remain seated when the plane encounters severe turbulence.

When this happens, the pilot will usually turn on a sign indicating the need to fasten their seat belts. And this is the real reason why you must keep your seat belts fastened at all times.

One flight attendant took to Reddit to explain that seat belts won't help in the event of a crash and aren't meant for that at all.

The real reason to keep your seat belt fastened is to keep you in place in turbulent conditions.

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“They are not designed to crash. They keep you in place during turbulence, which happens quite often,” the flight attendant wrote. “Almost every week, dozens of people suffer head and back injuries from being struck first by the ceiling of an airplane and then by the floor when the aircraft encounters turbulence.”

“This will not happen if the seat belt is fastened, and therefore you must keep it fastened throughout the flight while in your seat,” he added.

Another flight attendant explained that even if the seat belt sign is off, you still shouldn't unfasten it.

This is especially true for long-haul flights when passengers fall asleep and doze.

It will be easier for the crew if you are always wearing a seat belt so that they do not have to wake you up when necessary.

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