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Why, after two years in New York, I am NOT returning to Kiev

Internet has flown around article Ukrainian woman about how she did not fit New York. My answer.
What I had in Kiev: status, good job, 2 apartments, etc., but I wanted new challenges. I tried to work in Moscow (also an international company, a good package) - not mine at all. The next was New York, in which I fell in love at first sight, and we still have a bouquet-candy period with it.


JOB. There is really a dime a dozen of her here, even if you do not have documents: a lot of construction projects and a lot of work for cash ($ 100-150 per day); and if you want to freelance; and if you are an average person (a little more difficult, because there are a lot of average analysts, managers, etc. there are many, but it is real and possible to wedge in); and if you are a star (mentally difficult to start over, like me, but again you can first get a job in a medium company, get “experience in New York” for CV, and then move to another company better).

When I was looking for a job, I just got interviews in the best companies based on a well-written cover letter. There are also those who work here, who are "by pull" and simply "from the street." I recommend sending at least 20-30 resumes per day. There is more work than talent, so there is only "full front", and everything depends on the ability to sell oneself. Earning $ 70-80K you may feel average, with $ 120K - already normal. In general, let me remind you that every 21st here is a millionaire.

The possibility of acquiring real estate is not affected. My 26-year-old colleague did not sell a single building in New York, found a good one for sale at the West Village after a cold call, hung a banner, and one day Sarah Jessica Parker phoned him and bought $ 34M for her residence.

Such accessibility of famous and wealthy people is only in New York, no "cubes" with security for you. Here, this is treated much easier. Therefore, you calmly call investment funds, ask for investments, develop projects. All capitalism works on cold calls, this is the norm here.

CIRCLE OF FRIENDS. If you are interesting and not a nudist, then you can make friends with any progressive and wealthy people. It is very motivating and stimulating. The "quality" of people in NY is the highest; the most daring come here in pursuit of their dreams. Therefore, there is a feeling that some kind of light drugs are being sprayed in the air, everything is so positive. I made friends quickly and well. Even in Kiev at a respectable age, you can have problems with friends, but this is not a problem in New York.
FOOD. For every taste and color, my diet and lifestyle have become much healthier here. Most go to the gym like brushing their teeth. The corporate culture of Ukraine and Russia is - cappuccino and cookies with cakes every day. Here, advanced Americans still monitor their health. Masseurs, yoga instructors come to the office, everyone drinks green smoothies, fresh juices, eat their own salads, etc. Only in New York it is sometimes more expensive to cook at home than to buy it in a good deal, because there is always a variety of I'm not talking about these stinky Chinese delhi, where it is scary to go), it costs $ 8-9 per pound. Yes, I miss cheese cakes, but you can find it here too. There are Russian shops where any goods from the former USSR.

At Brighton Beach you can get any information in Russian. Photo: Pavel Terekhov

In Russian stores - any goods from the former USSR, and in Brighton Beach you can get any information in Russian. Photo: Pavel Terekhov

DOING BUSINESS. You register for $ 800 online in a couple of hours. No OBOP, racketeering, arrivals, business loans over $ 50K - 5.75% per annum, mortgage 3.5% and higher. Raising investments for a good project is also relatively easy, there is more money than good ideas.
LEISURE. This is my favorite. New York itself is like 5-6 separate towns, for the first year I erased 4 pairs of shoes to holes - I walked everywhere! This is such a constant festival, so much happens, I sometimes get lost in dates and events: balls for the aristocracy (tickets $ 150-1 and above), theme parties (Gatsby, 500s, 80s, Mexican, Jazz on the lawn in style 90s - whatever you want, for every taste) - from $ 30-30. Cinemas. Museums - METT (entry for at least $ 80), MoMA $ 1, Natural History, Guggenheim, Contemporary Art, art galleries are countless. Restaurants: from Tai, Mexico, France - to American steaks, etc. Main course from $ 25 and up. My sister and my husband are foodies, and they come from Toronto to New York several times a year to go out to restaurants and shop, because everything is cheaper here. Parades: Halloween costumed dog parade, country-specific gay people, whatever you want, constantly blocking 15th Avenue for parades and festivals: Coffee, Oyster, Film, Street Food, Organic Farm Food Festivals, etc. New York itself: chic Brooklyn Gardens, Bronx, Central Park - beautiful in any season, you never get tired of it, children are delighted with zoos. Parks near New York: famous trips to picking apples in the fall, vineyards, the Hamptons - such a local Koncha Zaspa, 5 hours from New York, where everyone spends the summer, various lakes and mountains with hiking trails in summer and autumn (a popular hiking tourism), parks of peonies, a separate lavender park, where everyone goes to take pictures, farms - to collect pumpkins. New York is surrounded by ocean and bays, so there are many beautiful beaches for the summer (except Brighton, believe me). Clubs for any lover of acid, 3s music, jazz - countless. Rooftops are a purely New York thing, because of the beautiful views of New York, everyone here loves to relax on rooftops in the summer. In an hour or two or three drive, new horizons open up: new beautiful parks and museums, and everything is close by.

TRAVELS. From New York, you can fly for $ 220 both ways to San Francisco, Miami or decent Florida, for $ 300 and plus - to any island in the Caribbean. Cruises that take you to several islands at once are very popular.

THINGS. Anything and cheap, outlets (Woodbury Commonet etc), Century 21. For adults and children - whatever you want. The treasured word clearance is when minus 85% for the previous sale.
MEN. A lot, and most of them swing :)) The fact that they have their own cockroaches in their heads is a separate issue.


- Taxes: very painful, but not as much as in Europe.
- Rent: yes, expensive. From $ 600 for a room in Brooklyn. For $ 2 you can already rent a good apartment on the Upper East Side. The apartments are old and small with low ceilings. But if you do point 200 (work), then everything is ok. I'm not going to buy housing in Manhattan - I am going to feed these old landlords :).
- Disgusting subway and rats.
- Insurance and medicine: if the job does not pay, please pay at least $ 300 per month for insurance from your pocket. Obama imposed a fine a year ago if you don't have insurance. Medicine is not very good, which is why the medical travel industry is developing this way, when they go to Mexico, Poland, etc. to get teeth / breast / cancer treatment.
- Schools: $ 40-60 thousand per year is a good school. This is why so many people live in the suburbs, where there are good public schools, and then commute by train to work, a standard routine.
- Mentality: yes, it takes a year and a half to get used to American lies (they prefer not to tell the bitter truth, but to preserve the appearance that everything is fine).
- Get married late and get married. There are a lot of young mothers from 45 years old.


About the Author:

Natalia Stelmakh - Investment Sales director in Eastern consolidated, the leading commercial real estate company in Manhattan, with the volume of transactions top Manhattan $ 2-4 billion annually. Natalia with a partner and a team of Ukrainian engineers also invented the world's smallest GPS tracker, Polaris, for family and valuables, which they are launching in global markets in December 2016.

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