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Why did some Americans decide to wait out the pandemic in Ukraine

News of a coronavirus outbreak in the United States made some Americans think twice before returning home from Ukraine, reports Voice of America.

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James Brook, his wife Pem Soi and son George every day go out to breathe fresh air into the small cozy courtyard of the house in the center of Kiev. James is an American journalist. For the past few years, he has been working in Ukraine, editing the English-language online magazine of Ukrainian business news. He says that his family did not even consider the option of returning to the United States in connection with the pandemic, because his native New York now can not be called the place where you should seek salvation from the coronavirus.

Screenshot: James Brooke and his family stayed in Kiev during the quarantine. VoiceAmerica / YouTube

“The total number of deaths (from coronavirus) here in Ukraine is as much as every hour in the USA dies. We were offered evacuation flights to America, although in fact it would be worth it to evacuate in the opposite direction. It's safer here. At least at the moment. ”

James is more worried about relatives who stayed in New York. His three eldest sons are there now. One of them works as a doctor on a huge hospital ship, recently visited the port of New York.

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The journalist admits that many of his acquaintances Americans in Ukraine followed the example of their family and refused to return to the United States. He is sure that after quarantine many business people will understand that it is not worth spending time and money on business trips, office rental, and that you can work quite effectively remotely from home.

Screenshot: Laura Brickman believes that she was lucky to stay in Ukraine during the pandemic. VoiceAmerica / YouTube

Laura Brickman in Kiev recently. She worked for several months as an editor in the English-language newspaper Kyiv Post, when the US Embassy invited their citizens to return home during a pandemic. The girl was considering a further plan of action, but again the decisive argument was the situation in New York and the need for self-isolation upon arrival in the country. The prospect of finding two weeks in the four walls of a small apartment in Brooklyn in the company of her elderly parents would mean exposing them to danger of infection.

“I heard stories from friends about how scary it is now in New York. And the idea that I could be in Brooklyn does not make me happy. On the contrary, I’m lucky that I’m not there. ” Therefore, now Laura and her American boyfriend spend time in the same way as the Ukrainians - they are waiting for the end of quarantine and hope that they will soon be able to return to normal life.

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