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Why you should not be afraid to learn a new profession in America, and which courses are better to take

50-year-old Jury with poor English, a young mother just beginning her life in America named Natalia, 20-year-old who has worked as a security guard for 41 years jason, graduate of the conservatory with many years of experience in the specialty Julia. All these different people have more in common than you might think. Firstly, they are united by determination in the desire to change their lives for the better, despite the typical fears and excuses from the category “it’s too late to change something”, “I don’t have enough time”, “I won’t succeed”, etc. And secondly, they are all now colleagues and members of one big family.

Graduate of Multiprep Inga

Colleagues because they chose a profession Sterile Technician (specialist in the sterilization of medical instruments) and received the appropriate certificate. In the meantime, they mastered it, joined the friendly family of teachers and graduates Multyprep schoolwhere you can not only pass Sterile Technician course, but to find friends and mentors who provide support even after graduation.

The course Sterile Technician in Multyprep lasts only a few weeks (from 6 to 11 depending on the chosen schedule and language of instruction - you can choose English or Russian), but the knowledge gained opens up incredibly broad prospects for graduates. In the USA for a long time no cult of higher education, and you can get a good salary not only after college, but also after short courses. Profession Sterile Technician very much in demand in America for obvious reasons - it is difficult to imagine a hospital that does not need to sterilize instruments and devices. And in-demand specialists are always paid well: in the case of a technician for sterilizing medical instruments - from $ 29 per hour (depending on where you live).

So there are plenty of applicants for this job, especially among immigrants, but they often lack determination.

Founder Multyprep Galya Kotlyar receives dozens of calls every day from interested potential students. But many of them doubt and fear: what if my English is not enough to learn everything and pass the certification test; what if I can't; maybe It’s better not to move from a calm, familiar place - they pay little, but at least stability... There are hundreds of such “what if” and “maybe” ones. Immigrants travel thousands of kilometers and often waste all their courage on the move, and then they are afraid to take risks and sit with a bird in their hand and a thousand reasons in their heads why they should not even look at the pie in the sky.

Galya Kotlyar, who founded these courses more than 6 years ago, is confident that all her students will succeed if they are ready to put in the effort and work. Multyprep is interested in the graduates of the courses successfully passing the certification test for work Sterile Technician (this is the reputation of the school, good reviews, and indeed a reason for the personal pride of teachers), so the entire learning process is designed so that everyone learns everything, regardless of the initial knowledge.

Multyprep is the only school in the USA where you can take the Sterile Technician course in Russian

The school offers two language learning formats:

  1. English version. — teaching and materials will be in English. If necessary, the teacher can explain some difficult points in Russian. To study in an English-language course Sterile Technician you need to speak English at least at an intermediate level so that you can understand the teacher and keep up the conversation. The courses last 6 or 9 weeks.
  2. Russian version — classes are held in Russian, while all educational materials are made in English, so that students remember the necessary terminology in the language in which it will be in the test, and then in the workplace. The Sterile Technician course in Russian lasts 11 weeks.

Classes follow a clearly defined plan and pace to cover all course topics. At the same time, the teacher is always ready to stop and answer students’ questions, because his task is not just to present the material as quickly as possible, but to do it in such a way that the students understand and assimilate everything.

On the subject: Good salary doesn’t require an academic degree: how to become an in-demand specialist in 6 weeks in the U.S.

Graduates Multyprep note that they especially liked the pace of teaching and the presentation of the material. In their reviews, many call this the main advantage of the school. For example, a graduate of the course, Vera, in her review of the school, highlighted in capital letters that “TEACHER NATASHA VERY CORRECTLY GIVES A SUMMARY”.

Toward the end of the course, when the certification test begins, a WhatsApp chat is created for the group. There, students and teachers discuss difficult issues and share useful information that can help in passing the test or in work.

Students are being prepared for the certification test

The main objective of the course Sterile Technician (specialist in the sterilization of medical instruments) in Multyprep — prepare the student for passing HSPA test (Healthcare Sterile Processing Association), which means to give maximum information about the sterilization of medical instruments. Students are taught how to effectively clean them of all types of contaminants and keep them sterile. The school provides all the necessary materials, in which more than 1000 questions are analyzed to test knowledge before people go to the real exam.

“Harry (our teacher) was not just a man who read a couple of books on sterilizing medical instruments and came to tell us about them. He worked for several years as a Sterile Processing Technician in a hospital and surgery center, so he explained the material not in memorized book phrases, but in living language with examples and even jokes. With this presentation, the material was easier to understand and easier to remember,” Natalia shares her impressions.

But all this knowledge will not get you a job unless you get a CRCST (Certified Registered Central Service Technician) certification. To obtain it, you must pass the HSPA (Healthcare Sterile Processing Association) certification test, it consists of 150 questions that must be answered in 3 hours. Anyone who has successfully passed the test and received a certificate is eligible to work in positions Sterile Processing Technician not only in the US, but also in dozens of other countries around the world.

"The exam was difficult, but Natasha (Multyprep teacher) was able to convey to us the essence of the subject in simple words. She prepared us in such a way that I remembered her explanations for almost every question of the exam.”, Oksana admitted.

Most alumni Multyprep take the HSPA test the first time.

Multyprep graduate Natalia with her HSPA certificate. A photo: Facebook/Multyprep, Inc.

Multyprep specialists create a professional resume, prepare for an interview and teach you how to look for a job in the USA

After completing the course and receiving a certificate, you will not be left alone with a strange American labor market for you. The school's specialists will create a resume for you that will meet the requirements of the American labor market and the latest trends in the field of HR.

In addition, graduates Multyprep explain how to behave in an interview, and suggest answers to the most tricky questions.

"When I passed the exam, my tutors helped me create a great resume. Harry's interview preparation course is very educational and important! After just one lecture (6-7 hours) we were ready for any interview. Already at the first interview I felt confident and positive, without worries and fears”, Oksana recalls.

With the support and care he offers Multyprep to their students, to explore new horizons is not so scary. After a short course at this school, you will receive a certificate of American education and will be able to work as a medical instrument sterilizer with salary from $29 per hour (depending on the state) and career prospects.

Upcoming Sterile Technician online courses at MultyPrep (classes are held via Zoom)
  • 5 November the course will begin with an explanation of the material in Russian. Classes will be held via Zoom. on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 to 15:00 (Eastern time) during 11 weeks.
  • 19 November The course starts in English. Students will study online (via Zoom) on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 to 15:00 (Eastern time) during 9 weeks.

You can sign up for courses by calling + 1 917 945 9506. Call!

Cost of classes

Now enrollment is underway for the Russian-language course, which starts on November 5th. The school offers two packages:

  • Option 1 (includes 11 weeks of training, all study materials, over 1000 custom-made certification test prep questions, and a free resume writing webinar) - $ 1 If paying with a debit card, cash or check. If paying with a credit card, you are charged with $5 due to 1% in commission
    Payment plan with two installments of $2 (plus 630% when paying with credit card) is available for this option
  • Option 2 (everything that is in the first package, plus 10 hours of webinars to prepare for interviews and help in finding a job) - $ 1 if paying with a debit card, cash or check and $1 if paying with a credit card.
    Payment plan with XNUMX installments of $3 (or $535 if paying with a credit card) is available.

To sign up for the course call +1 917 945 9506 or register here https://www.multyprep.com/russian-courses/!

Material prepared in partnership with

Multyprep Inc.

www: https://www.multyprep.com/
phone:+1 917 945 9506
Email: [email protected]

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