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Opinion: why some immigrants do not settle in the United States

Not all immigrants can settle in the United States. Why do some of them, years after moving to America, try to return to their homeland? Possible reasons were told by the author blog "The immigrant alphabet" on "Yandex.Zen". Next - from the first person.

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Today I came across a story told on one of the channels. The girl writes about her friend, who moved to the USA with her husband and child a year ago, and now wants to return. There are many such stories. What you need to know in order not to become a random person in the USA.

1. The difference between citizenship and permanent resident status. The heroine complains that they have not yet been given citizenship. Firstly, you can become a citizen only after 5 years of being in permanent resident status, or after three years, if you are married / married to a US citizen, or if you serve in the US Army. Although the difference between a permanent resident and a citizen is only in the absence of the first right to be a jury, vote in elections and get a job, where only citizens are taken.

2. How to build your own professional development trajectory. For many new immigrants, it is a revelation that a diploma alone is not enough. In the USA, in order to work as an accountant, teacher, doctor, lawyer, architect, electrician, you need to have a license everywhere. And getting it is not easy. Doctors and lawyers have to practically retrain, teachers have to pick up missing classes. To get any license, you also need to pass an exam (or maybe more than one). Nobody said it would be easy. Alas, not everyone understands this. Therefore, upon arrival, not having received the desired job, they are disappointed.

3. What is "salary to start". Among those who know about the United States only from social networks, there are two polar points of view.

The first is that everyone in America starts with dirty work (loaders, nurses, nannies, construction assistants, etc.).

The second - in the United States they earn from $ 250 thousand a year and more, otherwise you will die of hunger.

In fact, everything is a little different. You can not die of hunger even with the minimum wage. But the salary with five zeros is offered only to units. You have to be incredibly exclusive to get such a job offer.

On the subject: What is it like to live with a Russian surname in the USA: personal experience of an immigrant

Every immigrant to the United States knows what a pay to start is. This is the minimum level that an employer accepts. Next, you need to prove yourself, show all your talents, after which the employer raises the salary. When this happens, in a month or in a year, it depends only on him.

Most of the new arrivals (not all) have to feel this very "salary to start". Basically, this is the minimum level that a person in your position can be paid.

4. Why is it difficult even with good English in the USA? Thousands, tens of thousands of immigrants who considered their English to be excellent prior to coming to the United States experienced significant difficulties at first. This happens because people were not in a linguistic environment, although they perfectly performed grammar tasks or translated some texts. You don't just need to know the vocabulary, you need to speak like others. Well, imagine how a person who is not a native speaker of Russian says, "Your Honor, present me your opportunity ..." In Russia, they don't say that. The same story with the English language. Moreover, American English is different from British English. You will not be understood if you say that you are looking for underground. Here the subway is a subway.

Immigrants who are not prepared for such difficulties may not cope with stress. It is clear that they will be much better at home.

Now imagine, these people win the lottery, move to the United States and, without taking full advantage of this opportunity, take away the chance from those who are simply unlucky.

If you are thinking about immigration to the United States, participating in the lottery, do not limit yourself to travel bloggers, who, by definition, have no problems. Study as much information as possible about the United States: education, work, real estate, pensions, and most importantly, learn English. In my opinion, this is the biggest problem of immigrants.

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