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Why we get stuck on social networks and why is it dangerous

When a gadget is more interesting than life. What is fabing and why it has become an epidemic of our time, reports BIT.UA

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Each of us has a friend or colleague who, during a meeting, suddenly starts scrolling through a movie on Facebook or reading news in a telegram.

It is quite possible that you yourself are this friend.

Do your loved ones suffer from fabing and what to do about it?

What is fabing?

The term fabing first appeared in 2012.

The name is derived from the English words "phone" and "snubbing".

The meaning is appropriate: craving for electronic devices, which is so strong that it makes you dismiss the environment or even completely ignore it.

A publicity campaign against the Stop Phubbing fabing was launched and supported by the media.

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She urged people to pay more attention to live communication.

No Tweeting, No Facebook, No Instagram, No Foursquare, No Sexting: respect food, music and the company you're in, says the campaign website.

Impressive facts are published on the official website of the campaign:

  • During one dinner in an average cafe, fabbing occurs about 36 times.
  • 97% of people who practice fabbing while eating admit they don't enjoy it.
  • 87% of teenagers choose online between communication online and in real life.

Research data from Baylor University in Texas shows how devastating the effects of fabing can be.

James Roberts and Meredith David in 2016 investigated the effects of fabing on couples.

For this, scientists conducted a survey.

Almost 47% of the respondents said that they were subjected to fabing by their partners, almost 23% of respondents had conflicts because of this, and almost 37% noted that fabing became a cause of depression for them.

Fabing can cause a chain reaction: a person notices ignorance on the part of the interlocutor and decides to look for interest in social networks.

So, the main "symptoms" of fabing:

  • you are in the gadget while eating;
  • you do not hide your phone in a bag or pocket in a store, on the way - suddenly there is something important;
  • immediately pick up your smartphone as soon as you hear the sound alert, even if you are working, driving or talking to someone;
  • you are afraid to miss something important in the news feed or on social networks.

What if you don't want to be a faber

If you find yourself picking up your phone when you're bored or anxious, download a book or podcast and listen to it.

That is, spend time in gadgets useful, and not aimlessly scrolling through the feed.

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Prohibit yourself from sticking to your smartphone while eating.

It's not really healthy or useful.

First, you eat too much.

Second, the brain cannot focus on taste and satiety and process chat messages at the same time.

Allow yourself not to reply to messages instantly.

Keep empty correspondence to a minimum and be succinct in your responses.

Be present and aware.

More often ask yourself what is happening to me now, what I am doing, is it so important to update the Instagram feed, whether I am doing a more useful and interesting thing now.

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