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'Why should we just give them the money': Trump wants to help Ukraine on credit

Trump suggested that the American administration provide assistance to Ukraine in the form of loans. He called for abandoning the bill that would provide assistance to Ukraine and strengthening control at the American border. In his opinion, it is first necessary to develop an “ideal” project to combat migration, reports USAToday.

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As Trump approaches the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, with the possibility of four criminal trials facing him, he is challenging aid to Ukraine.

Formation of assistance to Ukraine

Trump has long influenced GOP debates on Capitol Hill. Today, as he approaches another nomination for the post of presidential candidate, he is trying to strengthen this influence.

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On the morning of February 13, the Senate, with the support of a number of Republicans, despite Trump’s attempts to change the package, passed an alternative version of the bill providing for the allocation of $95 billion in aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Of this, the senators propose to use $60,06 billion to support Ukraine, and $14,1 billion to help Israel. However, the package bill does not include provisions to tighten controls at the southern border.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) noted that the document prepared in the Senate does not address the border crisis, “the most serious problem” facing the United States. In addition, Johnson, who occupies the third most important position in the US government hierarchy, recently called the version of the bill developed by the senators “deliberately unpassable” in the House of Representatives.

Trump called for assistance to Ukraine only in the form of a loan. This resonated with Republicans.

“The US administration wants to give them another $60 billion,” Trump said during a campaign appearance in North Charleston, South Carolina. - Do it this way: lend them money. If they can, they will pay it back. If they can’t, they won’t pay.”

“Why should we just hand them money? Let it be a loan,” he was perplexed.

At the same time, Trump compared Ukraine to an athlete who needs a loan to start a professional career.

“Why should you just give them the money? Do this in the form of a loan. I do this with athletes. Like a professional golfer who I think is very good. They don’t have money, but they are very talented,” Trump said.

Lawmakers have been slow to provide more aid to Ukraine, and Trump sparked public backlash over the weekend when he said he would encourage Russia to "do whatever the hell they want" with NATO allies that have not made sufficient financial contributions.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said he and Trump were "completely at odds" over his approach to NATO.

Critics have accused Trump of once again kneeling before Russian President Vladimir Putin even as he continues his bloody invasion of Ukraine.

Trump closes in on Republican presidential nomination

Americans are preparing for primaries and caucuses to support the presidential candidate they want to represent their party on Election Day in November.

Donald Trump won the Nevada caucuses by a wide margin, where the decision on the Republican Party candidate in the November US presidential election is being made. According to preliminary data, he received more than 99% of the votes, reports with the BBC.

Nevada's election results mean Trump wins all 26 of the state's delegates at the upcoming party convention. Given that he needs 1215 delegates to formally claim the presidential nomination, Trump could reach that number as early as March.

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Trump now has three victories behind him - in Nevada, Iowa and New Hampshire, which makes him the most likely Republican candidate in the upcoming November elections.

He also won the Republican caucuses in the US Virgin Islands, an unincorporated US territory.

Trump's next stop will be South Carolina, Nikki Haley's former stomping ground, where the two candidates will face off.
Despite three previous defeats, Hayley vows that she will not lay down her arms. She argues that Republican supporters need an alternative to Trump because “voters want an election, not a coronation.”

As of today, Trump has 63 delegates out of 1215, and Haley has 17.

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