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Why are young Americans increasingly becoming mass murderers

Another student opens fire on his former fellow students and the question arises whether these atrocities have one common cause. Experts believe that they have found an explanation for the increase in the number of massacres performed by American youth and the answer to the question of why the undervalued adolescents have number one priority - to become famous, even if it is posthumous.

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Despite the fact that the shooting at a school in Florida was among the 11 deadliest shootings in the history of the United States, the reaction to mass murder has become a routine: thousands of posts in social networks with an expression of anger, shock and sympathy for loved ones; Democrats are calling for greater control over the sale of weapons in the United States, Republicans are fighting back, then everything calms down until the next act of violence.

However, it would be worthwhile to pay more attention to studying what is happening (or what is not happening) before the tragedy - what factors in the months and years preceding the incident lead to the fact that young people lose their adequacy and cling to the guns.

Over the past 30 years, the number of criminal offenses in the United States has decreased, but this trend does not apply to massacres: according to Exploration FBI, only in 2007-2013 years they were 150% more than in the period from 2000 to 2006, and in the last 2, shooting strangers even more often.

Psychologists Peter Langman and Red Meloy, who are investigating the massacre, believe that one of the reasons was the transformation of the media: disgruntled teenagers were at all times, but they could not count on world-wide fame before. Modern shooters - mostly young men who have not found their place in the world, admiring the stars of instagram and reality show. The merits of such stars are dubious compared to celebrities of past generations, but no one looks at it. Awareness of this, combined with the prospect of hundreds of thousands of crosspoints, forces these young men to discharge their weapons into the crowd.

Another factor that psychology professor Jin Twenge of the University of San Diego draws attention to is the increase in youth narcissism. Career-minded parents pay insufficient attention to upbringing, unchurched children watch television, which deifies popularity, and grows much more sensitive to the opinions of others than their parents.

Their grandfathers wanted to be pilots and travelers, fathers dreamed of becoming astronauts, older brothers sought to become lawyers to earn more, and today's teenagers have the number one priority - to become famous, even if it is posthumous.

Not all self-centered adolescents become criminals, but those who become them inspire the following. The Oregon shooter, who massacred college in October 2015, admired a man who killed two former colleagues at a television station in the summer of that year.

“It seems that the more people you put, the more you will become,” he concluded, before shooting nine.

Correspondent The New Yorker In his article, Macolm Gladwell argues the theory of "reducing the barrier": the more shooting incidents occur, the easier it is for the next shooter to psychologically decide on a massacre. Previously, boys threw ammunition into the fire and played with matches, today they take a gun and go to kill, because such a pastime is perceived by those prone to violence as “normal”, since so many people are involved in it.

Mass murderers are united by the fact that they feel powerless before the world. Usually they are not given studies, they experience difficulties with career growth, relationship problems (for example, a plump selfie lover Omar Matin, who killed a man in Orlando 50, beat his wife, it ended in divorce). In no area that is important to them, they do not succeed. In a society where there is a cult of masculinity, and turning to a psychologist is considered a sign of weakness, weapons in hand and shooting as a result of a failed life are logically explainable.

Over the past 50 years, tolerance for various ways of self-expression has increased, on the one hand, and on the other, anxiety among young people has increased, and the sense of belonging to the team, on the contrary, has decreased. Separation from a local society leads to a weakening of empathy, an increase in sociopathic tendencies and exposure to propaganda, which, in particular, makes American young men from Muslim families cross out all their previous lives in favor of the interests of terrorists.

Most people who committed massacres in schools had personal problems that were difficult for them to cope with, or large losses, writes The Independent. This is indicated by research data. Many tried to commit suicide or behaved in such a way that it clearly looked like a cry for help.

However, everyone has personal losses and setbacks. There are tons of other potential factors - revenge, bullying, mental illness, watching violent films about violence, violent video games, drugs, and easy access to weapons. Which of these is the reason for such frequent attacks in the richest country in the world?

Following the infamous 1999 Columbine massacre, in which Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 12 students and teachers, the US Secret Service, together with the Department of Education, created a commission of inquiry that analyzed 37 similar cases from 1974 to 2000.

The Commission concluded that there were similarities in these tragedies. The attacks rarely happened unexpectedly and impulsively - in most cases people knew about the plans of the attackers.

It was not possible to create an exact characterization and model of behavior of the attackers, because attempts to predict who will commit such acts are doomed to failure. But the behavior of most of these people indicated that they needed help. Many of them felt that they were being bullied or harassed. Often, there were signs that they were preparing to attack.

In a recent article titled “Why does the world in school shootings?"(Why is America ahead of the rest of the world in attacks and shootings in schools?) University of Michigan psychiatry professor Frank Ochberg notes:" Students don't suddenly become mass murderers. They cherish their fantasies, they demonstrate their intentions. They post insults, threats and plans on websites. Their comrades often know when such people are ready to strike. Parents hear disgruntled grunts and have accurate premonitions. ”

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According to Professor Ochberg, there is no evidence that America has more offenders, more intimidation, more bullying and more victims than other countries in America, who set up these time mines to plot their deadly vengeance.

In some cases, mental disorders have played a role. People with mental illness very rarely resort to violence - much more often they themselves become victims of such violence. But sometimes they can pose a threat to others.

“We don't have a modern protection and care system,” says Professor Ochberg. Community care for the mentally ill is eternally “underfunded” and “poor”. At the same time, he adds, America is "no worse than other countries in this regard."

Violence is everywhere - on TV screens, in video games, in movies - and many commentators speculate that this leads to a desire to imitate the virtual world and to dull the senses. Others argue that it acts as a cleanser, protecting people from possible violent acts.

Professor Ochberg notes that violent role models have a long history and exist not only in America. “Northern Ireland, the Balkans, children's armies in Africa, terrorist camps in the Middle East - they all have their own role models of violence. "Macho" is not an American word, and neither is "bully."

Speaking after the massacre at the Virgin Polytechnic Institute, a professor of sociology and education at New York University Richard Arum noted that Americans have the right to privacy, the right to free speech and the right to justice, which are enjoyed by students and students of schools and colleges, as well as mentally disabled people.

Answering the question of whether this is about the American cult of weapons, Professor Arum said firmly: "Weapons have been available in our society for a long time, but before we have not had such terrible murders in schools."

However, he agreed that when a person with a mental disorder can calmly come to the store and buy a gun, the situation is out of control, as is happening now.

Recall 14 February in high school in Parkland, Florida, shooting occurred as a result of which at least 17 people died and several injured. This crime was one of the most massive school shootings in US history. First, the attacker, Nicholas Cruise, triggered a fire alarm that caused panic at school, and then opened fire on the people running.

Also read eyewitness shooting records at school in florida stories of dead victims, shocking details from the life of arrow nicholas cruz and interview with the family that sheltered him.

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