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Why Irina Rodnina returned to Russia after living in the USA

The daughter of three-time Olympic figure skating champion and State Duma deputy Irina Rodnina, journalist Alena Minkovskaya writes: "Peter Martins should be fired from New York City Ballet after numerous accusations of physical, oral and sexual abuse." This recording was made after an interview with ex-ballet dancer Wilhelmina Frankfurt, who decided to oppose the ballet director since 1983, Peter Martins.

At the same time, Irina Rodnina was a member of the commission, which considered the charges of harassment of the journalist of the LDPR deputy Leonid Slutsky and did not find any violations in his behavior. This is not the only case where the positions of Rodnina and her children living in the United States diverge. Why is that? And why Rodnina herself did not stay with the children in the USA? She spoke about the problems that her family faced in America and Russia.

Irina Rodnina is the only three-time Olympic champion in figure skating (in Pkhenchkhane, the result was repeated by Tessa Virtue, but she has one gold in her team), a man who together with Vladislav Tretyak lit the Olympic flame in Sochi-2014. In 1990-2002 she lived in the USA, worked as a trainer, and then returned to Russia. In 2007, she became a State Duma deputy from United Russia; in 2011 and 2016, she was re-elected for a new term. In parliament, she voted for the strangest laws, and a couple of weeks ago she was a member of the commission that considered accusations of harassment of journalist LDPR deputy Leonid Slutsky. The commission did not find any violations in Slutsky’s behavior, and Rodnina said: “If this is [the accusation] the greatest achievement in their journalistic activities, then what can I say?”.

Alexander Golovin, journalist met Rodnina to understand why a great athlete needs all this.

Why voted for law Dima Yakovlev

- You are a member of the parliament of a country that is in difficult relations with the United States. They are our geopolitical enemy. You vote for laws that restrict the activities of American citizens in Russia. In this case, at least last New Year’s you spent on Hawaii. Do not you think this is hypocrisy?

- It seems hypocrisy when we are engaged in lousy patriotism. When we start to throw slogans that this enemy, but this is not the enemy. Patriotism is not about where I spend my time - it is envy. Not what I drive and where I live is also envy. Patriotism is your actions and deeds. And those decisions that you make.

Alena Minkovsky with her mother Irina Rodnina in Hawaii. Photo

- You made the decision and voted for the law of Dima Yakovlev. What for?

- There was a sale of children. I worked in America for 10 for years and saw what it was turning into. We even offered to take part in this.

We do not refuse adoption to Europe (Russia refuses adoption to any single candidates from countries that admit same-sex marriages, for example, France, Great Britain, Spain, Canada, Norway - Just America - the only country of those who went to the children who did not sign the international convention. She neglected all the international rules that apply to adopted children. As soon as the child got into America, he immediately changed his citizenship, first name and surname. If about all adopted children in other countries every six months, the embassy receives a report, then in the case of America there is none.

Few people know, but because of this, from 2010 to 2011, we have stopped adaptation of children (adoption - in the USA for a whole year. Then they signed a bilateral agreement. From the very first months it began to be broken without end. As a result, adopted the law.

- I did not understand what the trade was?

- Our traded. Under Russian law, first of all, children with disabilities were taken abroad. Do you know how many true disabled people out of those 60 thousands that have been adapted to America? Less than five percent. The rest went under the guise of disabled. It is very simple. If a child appears in an orphanage, then something has happened to the parents. Either they were deprived of rights, or they are alcoholics, homeless. And when the child is not engaged, he has a developmental lag. All children were diagnosed.

- What is bad, even if not a disabled person found a family in the USA?

- Nothing bad. I'm just saying that we are not given a report. Look at the amount of bullying there going on over these children. Parents began to change them. I do not say that it is everywhere. But there were a lot of such cases. And they were not informed about them because the child lost citizenship. Employees of the embassy were not allowed to go to the courts, which went on questions adapted guys. Control over them turned out to be almost impossible, unlike other countries.

- Is the situation with bullying in Russia not worse?

- It is, yes. But is it good to sell your children?

- I do not see trade. Children found a family. Who cares where.

- Do not you see? And I will give an example of American neighbors. They wanted to take two children. We flew, got acquainted. And when they finally came to pick them up, they were told: "We will not give them, because they have a sister." It ended with the fact that the social workers took the money and with great pleasure all three were sent to America. For some it turned out to be a business.

- It is bad that instead of two children they took three?

- It's good. Just why did social workers take money?

- Because we have a bureaucracy and many issues are resolved so.

- This is not bureaucracy. You do not tell me tales here. The workers knew in advance that if there were three children, but they asked for two, then they would not be able to give it away. We are under the law of brothers and sisters in orphanages can not be separated. So, showing two children, they deliberately kept silent about the third. This is called extortion.

- So this is a problem in Russia.

- Yes. And in America they are not allowed to go to the courts; We must have information. These are our citizens.

- What percentage of adopted Russian children die in Russia and America (in of Russia - about 1200 cases in 1991-2006 years or 1500 in 1996-2012 years for more than 100 thousands of adoptions. AT USA - 20 Cases per 60 Thousands of Adoptions in 1991-2015 -

- I have no such information. But if we play by international rules, let's play together. Moreover, the United States shouts the most about international rules. We do not raise this question now in relation to Italy or Germany. Do not ask yourself why? Or are we just so bad and do not love America?

- It seems so. When the hard confrontation began, then the law was passed.

- Because America has not fulfilled the requirements that are imposed on countries adopting our children.

- You do not notice the political component?

- She was. And why everyone saw it - Magnitsky’s law appeared in the USA. He is political. Before that, there was a Jackson-Vanik law, which was supposed to fly off when Russia was accepted into the WTO. But they could not just leave it. There was an act of Magnitsky.

- And the law of Dima Yakovlev - this is a kind of answer?

- Of course. It was a mistake that they took at that moment. Although the laws on children lay a long time. Three laws. Ask the communists. They brought in the Duma, considered. Some even in the first reading. They just didn’t accept them. And then the law of Magnitsky happened, which pushed us towards faster decision-making. But again, do not forget that even before Magnitsky we had not adapted children there for a whole year.

- After the adoption of the law in Moscow, the “March against the scoundrels” took place, and your portrait was in the garbage can. You were upset that it was carried "not a bright personality, but an aunt from the queue." Sorry then about saying?

- Not. Did I say something wrong? She really carried the aunt from the queue, who herself said on TV: "And I will take this one because she is more famous."

- Is your statement worthy of a deputy?

- Are you from Moscow? The aunt from the queue is a purely Moscow expression. This is not an insult. Earlier in the queues who was standing? Those who did not receive ration cards. It means the common people.

- And you wanted someone?

- Simply, if she grabbed for me to become famous, I had the opportunity to lower it.

Why daughter grew up in America

- You retweeted such a record: "O. Bismarck said: "Wars are won and lost at school desks." And the Chinese add: "If you want to defeat the enemy, bring up his children." What country raised your daughter?

- America. But somehow they forget that the child has two parents.

- Hinting that this is not your fault?

- Partly mine, partly not mine. It was her father’s wish, which is taken into account when raising a child.

- Was there an opportunity to take Alain to Russia?

- According to the court decision, before 18 years she couldn’t enter our country. This is the requirement of the father.

- And after 18?

- Then she finished school, studied at the university.

- Didn't you want to go to Russia?

- She has English. She said: "First I want to get an education in the language I speak." After graduation she worked in Russia Today. The only one of ours - Alena has the citizenship of Russia - got on the list Forbesas a young journalist covering politics.

- What country is your daughter's patriot?

- I do not know. She did not ask such a question. We try not to discuss politics, because the conflict begins all the time. So that they do not arise, there are topics that we go around. She has her own views. I respect them. I have my own - she also respects them.

“She says," Mom, do you vote for bad laws? "

- It happens. Or ask for an explanation why we voted for or rejected it.

“Didn't you say she was ashamed of you?”

- Not. But I can say that they reproach me all these years. That I have a daughter who has lived there since the 4 years, when no state Duma existed. And she is endlessly reminded of who her mother is and what she does.

- Doesn't it seem strange that you retweeted a record about wars that are won and lost at school desks, while Allen was educated in America, and is she American?

- So what? Want to say that she is an enemy of the country or me?

- From this record it follows that, among other things, because of you, we will lose the war.

- What nonsense. What are you so primitive reasoning. It touches me. Then it is better not to read Bismarck.

The conclusion is that we must educate the generation. This does not mean that it should be only patriotic. The educated generation is when each new generation leads us forward. This is progress, science, economy. We, the elderly, are most interested in the fact that young people are full-grown and educated. I do not look at it as a war. And you look at the use of force against each other.

- If not you, and tens of thousands of ordinary people, children will study in America and stay there, what do you say?

- At least the state will save money. And they will go to another child. Secondly, we still do not have time for a lot of knowledge, we do not have this knowledge. And our task is to get them there and come here. Therefore, last year we adopted laws that very quickly recognize any foreign education. Previously, with a diploma from a foreign university, it was necessary to run around all circles of hell. Now everything is much easier. We must make sure that the specialists who once went there, come back. Give them a higher salary, the job is more interesting.

“If they don't come, how is your daughter bad?”

- There is nothing wrong. But we ourselves must try to carry our education around the world, what the Soviet Union has been doing for a long time. The number of specialists we have trained in Asia, Africa and Europe is ours.

- Does Alena speak Russian well?

- Good. And in five languages.

- You told that she speaks English with her brother from Moscow. Why?

- Easier. Youth. They quickly find a common language. I remember the moment when they united against me in the hope that I did not understand what they were talking about, and switched to English. Somewhere it is already a habit.

- Inside you do not have offense that the daughter in America? What does she write on Facebook, how did she read all of Harry Potter, and not the books of Nosov about which you retweet?

- No, this is not insulting. Each generation lives its own life. Why should I impose my own? My task was to raise children, raise, educate. Then everyone stands in their own positions. Probably, then interesting people appear. And not when they depend on adults and look at life through the eyes of adults. This, by the way, is the problem of our education. Peter the Great introduced drills and cramming. And I would like more freedom. So that the teacher, if you do not answer the way he taught, does not lower the grade.

- Let's once again and straight. Is there nothing wrong with the daughter of a member of the Russian parliament living in a rival country?

- What's wrong with that? She has been living there since 1990. I did not disintegrate the Soviet Union. It is not my fault that the country for which my parents fought, for which I spoke, was taken and profiled.

- And if not profukali?

- Would return to Russia earlier. The contract was for two years, but dragged on for 10 years.


Why she left for the USA and why she returned

According to Irina Konstantinovna, unemployment in Russia in the late 80s - early 90s pushed her to leave for permanent residence in the States. In the United States, Rodnina was offered a lucrative offer - a job as a coach at the International Figure Skating Center in Lake Arrowhead, near Los Angeles. The woman almost immediately agreed, writes Starhit.

“I signed the contract quite calmly,” recalls the athlete. - True, I thought that they would not be released from the country, we did not have such practice. But two months later they called me and said: "Everything is ready!" Nowhere to go! Besides, at that moment I was no longer working. After all, they asked me very tactfully, they said: "After the birth of your second child, it is better to take care of motherhood, otherwise you will never experience this feeling again!" And here is the contract. So, such an unexpected scam was a good thing. "

Rodnina, Zaitsev and Zaitsev Jr. Photo: shot from the documentary “Irina Rodnina. Invincible "

After moving to America, Irina Konstantinovna began to cooperate with sports celebrities. Her colleagues were Italian figure skater Carlo Fassi, American figure skating coach Frank Carroll ... According to the athletes, despite their fame and position, few people recognized her on the streets anyway. Popularity did not even help when Irina had problems with the law.

“Every year I received letters stating that I was among the 3% of dangerous drivers in California. I was deprived of my rights three times. But in the States there is such a feature: yes, you can be deprived of your driver's license, but through the court you can return them. If you prove that a car is the only way to get to work, and there is no public transport nearby, ”says the celebrity.

All the ten years that Rodnina lived in the United States, she continued to build a sports career. However, the love of Russia has not died away. Most of all, Irina Konstantinovna missed the peculiarities of the Russian mentality. For example, crush in stores.

The woman is still hurt that she is considered a traitor to the Motherland.

“I always flew to the capital, necessarily - 3-4 times a year. Then it became more and more often. Such: "here I am back!" - I did not have, as well as the thought that I left forever. And they accuse me, ”says Irina Konstantinovna.

A portion of the critics received the children of the star - the son Alexander and the daughter Alena. Irina Konstantinovna's admirers were outraged that the figure skating coach, having returned, earned money in Russia and spent it on the American education of his heirs.

“Getting experience there and coming here is a great thrill. Our task is to ensure that the country is not closed and that it integrates into the world space. And they shout in my back: "You are here and there!" Listen, my children studied and lived in America not on government money. I didn't steal anything from anyone. Our athletes decided to go to the Olympic Games [under a neutral flag], so some of our people shouted that they were traitors, not patriots. Now what? Everyone is delighted! We praise the winners and tell them: "It's great that they went!"

Despite the flurry of negative reviews, the skater does not hold offense to Internet critics.

“We have a lot to learn. We must admit that somewhere we are still at the beginning, somewhere we have already overtaken [other countries], and somewhere in the middle of the road. Therefore, it is impossible to clearly say: "Close, do not let anyone in and condemn!" I wouldn't do that. Such an act can be broken. For example, if a young man does not see his own way here in Russia, this is bad. This means that we must change something in the country so that the younger generation does not have such thoughts, ”Rodnina emphasized.

Why the son did not find himself in America

The son of Irina Rodnina, 39-year-old Alexander Zaitsev, also does not feel at home in the USA, although he moved to 90 and received a good education. According to Zaitsev, he had to move abroad because of her mother's work, she signed a number of large contracts in the 90s. As a result, together with her and his stepfather, Leonid Minkovsky, they settled in one of the districts of Los Angeles, writes Starhit.

However, Zaitsev Jr., until the last, did not want to leave Moscow, because it was hard for him to part with his grandmother and grandfather.

39-year-old Alexander Zaitsev. Photo: frame from the program "It's time to bring it back"

“I, in principle, knew English, in Russia I studied in an English special school. But when I got to America, I realized nothing but “Hello! I'm Sasha from Russia ”(“ Hello! I am Sasha from Russia. ”- Ed.), could not say. Nevertheless, when I went to school, I became friends and began to study spoken English. Mom was also hard, she did not know English at all, she had to learn it from scratch. Sister (Alena, born to Rodnina in a marriage to Minkovsky. - Ed.) now lives in America. When she comes to Russia, she understands, she can speak Russian. But America is closer to her than Russia, ”says Alexander.

In addition to his faithful comrades, Zaitsev Jr. found for himself a favorite hobby - hockey. True, Irina Konstantinovna did not want to give it to the sports section, she was afraid that his son would learn to swear and he would beat out all his teeth. But in the end agreed. When Alexander grew up, he worked as a dishwasher in restaurants.

“I have always wanted to return back to my historical homeland. On the first occasion, when it was possible to make legs from there, I took advantage of this. People have a different mentality there, they live a little in their own way. If in Russia strangers help on the street, then in the States this rarely happens, ”the heir to the Soviet skaters assures.

According to Alexander, over the years spent in America, he has repeatedly found himself in unpleasant situations. Sometimes Zaitsev was on the verge of life and death.

“I met one boy, he was almost the only black boy in our mountains. It turned out that he and his brother, they were both in the gang. Moreover, the brother was a high-ranking comrade there. When I brought my friends, it was clear that they had pistols in their bosoms. Once he called to visit him, there was a full house of some black people, everyone had pistols. We go in, the leader shouts: "Oh, hello, white!", And I answered: "Hello, nigga!" Everybody around him was assuming, they tell him, they say, how did you allow some white man to call you that? And he: "This is not white, this is Russian!" Therefore, they did not count as an insult. "

In America, Zaitsev Jr. received a good secondary education, but for a long time he could not understand what he wanted to tie his future to. The choice stopped on the art of ceramics. However, he wanted to get a profession exclusively in Russia, he entered the Art and Industrial Academy. Stroganov.

“My father was not against my move. Although at that time he already lived in the States. Mom said: "Well, if you want so much - go." She did not particularly hinder me in this regard, ”says Alexander.

Returning to his homeland, the heir to the Olympic champions never regretted his choice. “I would like to travel, see some cities. For example, Vladivostok, Arkhangelsk .... Vologda is a wonderful city. Here I would ever move there! ”

Why the daughter will not return to Russia

32-year-old Alena Minkovsky in information about herself in Instagram writes: “Born in Moscow. Grew up in the USA. I live in New York. Journalist".

At the age of 4 for years, together with the Minkovskaya family, she moved to California (USA) and after graduating from the university she seriously went into journalism. She was the author of the transfer The alyona show on the american channel Russia Todayand now leads the program Free speech zone on video portal Huffpost live.

In my Instagram Alyona Minkovskaya often shows footage from the shooting of her programs, but she also has warm family photos on the page.

Alena has an active citizenship: in 2014, the girl was nominated for the LGBT GLAAD award for the program “Bisexuals waited for their turn in the White House”, and is now actively involved in the campaign to prevent sexual harassment.

Peter Martins must be fired from the New York City ballet after numerous accusations of physical, verbal and sexual abuse, - Alina wrote on her page in January after an interview with ex-ballet dancer Wilhelmina Frankfurt, who decided to oppose Peter Martins with ballet supervisor from 1983.

In October last year, Alain showed in Instagram photo with a wedding ring and his newly-made spouse Jake.


Judging by his profile in InstagramJake runs a Jiu-Jitsu sportswear brand. Alyona often posts a selfie with her chosen one, without hiding love for him. Literally in February, the couple celebrated three years from their first date.

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