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She turned pale, rolled her eyes and fell: the California weather presenter lost consciousness on the air

CBS forecaster from Los Angeles, Alyssa Carlson Schwartz, on March 18 was going to give the city's residents a weather forecast at 7 am live. She turned pale, leaned her hands on the table, and then collapsed on the floor, reports Dailymail.

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She tried to keep a smile on her face, but before she could even begin her prediction, her eyes rolled back and she lost her balance. She slowly slid into her arms until her head was a few inches from the table. Then her legs buckled and she plummeted to the ground.

Her co-hosts Nichelle Medina and Rachel Kim didn't seem to notice at first that Schwartz had passed out.

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After a few seconds, Kim lets out a surprised 'oh'. She rises from her chair as she tries to see Schwartz across the room.

"You know, we're going to cut our broadcast right now," Medina tells the audience.

"Yes," Kim agrees.

According to TMZ, the show did not return to live, but aired pre-recorded segments.

Schwartz posted an update to her Facebook page around 14:30 pm, writing, "Thank you for all the messages, calls and well wishes. I'll be ok!"

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It's unclear what caused Schwartz to pass out, but a similar incident occurred in 2014 while she was working at another station. She was filling in for one of her colleagues and suddenly vomited in the middle of the broadcast.

After visiting the doctor, she discovered that she had a leaky heart valve. The doctors told her they didn't know when it would wear out. However, after the birth of her daughter, the stem cells from the pregnancy helped to repair her heart. It was not clear if her fainting was related to her previous heart problems.

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Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the US and can present with a variety of symptoms, including chest pain, stomach pain, sweating, leg and arm pain, extreme fatigue, and more.

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