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New Jersey resident who wins $ 273 million in the lottery wants to share money with a stranger

The winner of the lottery in New Jersey said that he received his Mega Millions winnings of $ 273 million thanks to a stranger. 54-year-old Mike Weirski spoke about this at a press conference.

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Having bought lottery tickets at the QuickChek store in Phillipsburg, Weirski was distracted by his phone and left without tickets.

For several hours he tried to find them at home. The search ended in nothing, and the next day, on the eve of the March 1 raffle, Weirsky again went to the store. It turned out that his tickets were found by a stranger and returned to their employees by QuickChek.

“I was grateful to honest people, I thought that there were no such people anymore,” he said at a press conference.

Weirski soon found out that one of the tickets won the $ 273 million jackpot.

“I'm looking for the guy who handed over the tickets, I want to thank him,” Weirsky said. "I want to share money with him, but I will keep the amount secret."

At a press conference, a lottery representative said that if someone took a ticket for himself, he could win the jackpot.

The after-tax prize is about $ 162 million. The winner plans to collect his winnings in one payment.

The winner needed money like never before. A man recently divorced his wife and remained unemployed. Now, according to him, his job search is not in priority.

After picking up his winnings, the lucky one plans to buy a new pickup, a new car for his mom and repair her house.

Earlier South Carolina winl 1,5 billion dollars in the Mega Millions lottery. Thus, he broke the largest jackpot in US history, won by one man. Lucky decided to take a one-time cash payment of almost 878 million dollars and chose to remain anonymous.

Americans love to buy lottery tickets. On average, an American spends about $ 200 a year to buy lottery tickets, although residents of some states give much more. According to the study LendEDUOn average, a Massachusetts resident spends $ 735 annually on lottery tickets, while spending in Delaware or New York is close to $ 400 per year or $ 33 per month.

According to polls, Americans would react differently to winning a multi-million jackpot:

  • 74,8% of respondents would take the entire amount at once, 25,2% would divide the amount into several annual payments;
  • 43,4% of respondents would immediately claim a win, 56,6% would wait for some time before receiving a win;
  • 80,1% of respondents would consult about options for investing money with a lawyer / accountant / financial advisor, 19,9% would decide the fate of the win;
  • 90,7% would prefer to remain anonymous if won, 9,3% would publicly announce a win;
  • 48,1% of respondents would have quit their jobs if they won; 51,9% would continue to work.
  • 63,6% would hire a financial advisor to manage the money, 36,2% would manage the finances on their own.

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