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Tornadoes and severe storms swept through the USA: 10 people died, many buildings were destroyed

Residents of the South and Midwest of the United States have been hit hard by powerful tornadoes and storms that have covered several states. The storm left at least 10 people dead, dozens injured, and homes and businesses destroyed. The edition told in more detail USA Today.

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On Friday, March 31, there were at least 40 tornado reports in Arkansas, Iowa, Tennessee, Illinois, Wisconsin and Mississippi, according to More than 28 million people were under a possible tornado warning, the National Weather Service said, which announced a "high risk" level 5 forecast for severe storms in some areas.

The roof of a theater collapsed in Belvidere, Illinois, killing one person and injuring 28.

About 260 people were in attendance at the concert at the Apollo Theater when the storm hit, according to Belvidere Fire Chief Sean Shadl.

"Chaos, absolute chaos," Belvidere police chief Shane Woody said of the incident.

According to Gabrielle Llewellyn, the audience rushed to pull people out from under the rubble of the roof, which could not withstand the pressure of the elements.

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“I was there a minute before she fell,” Gabrielle said. “The wind went from zero to a thousand in five seconds.”

In the Little Rock area, at least one person has died and more than two dozen have been injured, some in critical condition, officials said. Four people died in Wynn in northeast Arkansas. There was severe damage, leaving people trapped under the rubble.

Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock said 21 people had checked in with tornado-related injuries, including five in critical condition. One woman was reportedly killed and three injured in Madison County, Alabama.

A severe storm has killed three people in Sullivan County, Indiana, emergency management director Jim Pirtle said. The storm destroyed houses there, entire neighborhoods, some residents went missing. Sullivan County authorities signed a declaration of emergency in the early hours of April 1st.

Five carriages of a freight train overturned in Marshall County, Tennessee. Authorities said dozens of homes were destroyed or damaged in downtown Tennessee, and two people managed to graze from a collapsed home.

Wind gusts up to 54 miles (87 km) per hour hit Oklahoma City, fanning the flames of several fires, leading to mass evacuations.

More than 1 homes were without power in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Georgia on April 200, according to

Severe weather forecast for the next 10 days

A similar pattern is expected to develop on Tuesday, April 4, exacerbated by even more heat and humidity, raising the risk of severe weather, said Victor Jensini, an assistant professor at Northern Illinois University.

If you wanted to draw a severe weather configuration from a textbook, "that would certainly be it," he said. Between dry conditions in the west and hot and humid weather in the east, he expects "quite a wide area" to be at risk on April 4.

Another major outbreak of bad weather is possible over the weekend of April 8-9.

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It is critical for residents to pay close attention to local meteorologists and ensure they are able to receive timely weather warnings, especially since many tornadoes occur at night.

What to expect this weekend

The same storm that caused havoc on March 31 will target New England and the southeast coast, according to Jake Soida, meteorologist for AccuWeather.

More severe threats with damaging winds and severe thunderstorms will be in Pennsylvania, as well as upstate New York and New England, he said.

Thunderstorms are also quite possible in the southeast, in southern South Carolina and in southern Georgia.

“This storm is very strong. Tornadoes are quite likely, although Saturday looks much less scary than Friday,” Soyda said.

He said Sunday would "seem to be a relatively quiet day across much of the US."

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