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The advantages of quarantine: on the roads of New York for the first time in almost 40 years, pedestrians do not die

For 58 consecutive days, not a single pedestrian was killed on New York City roads. This is the longest time since New York began tracking pedestrian deaths in 1983. This publication writes abcNEWS.

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It has been 58 days since a pedestrian was shot down to death in the city. On Tuesday, May 12, said in a speech, Polly Trottenberg, Commissioner of the Department of Transportation of New York.

This marks the longest time since the city began tracking pedestrian deaths in 1983, according to New York-based WABC ABC News.

Since March 22, New York closed all non-vital enterprises and obliged part of the business to go online, 51 days have passed. As a result, the city's typically congested streets were largely devastated, and traffic was reduced to an unprecedented level.

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Trottenberg, however, urged the public to remain vigilant even with fewer cars on the streets. “Unfortunately, some drivers are using our empty streets to drive at reckless speeds, and we know we can never let our guard down,” she said.

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