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Pros and cons of immigration in the United States

I never wanted to leave Ukraine. For me, any move has always been very painful. I remember how difficult it was to move from the right bank of Kyiv to the left. I was worried that all my family and friends remained on the right bank, and that I would no longer be able to go for a walk in the evening with my best friend. For almost six months I put off moving to my husband, because it seemed to me that now I would not see my loved ones at all. For two years we prepared documents to move to the USA. All this time I did not realize that the move would ever happen. And even after receiving all the confirmations, a visa and buying a ticket to fly out a month later, I continued to live an ordinary life: I went to work until the last minute, met with friends every day and did not realize at all that I would soon find myself on the other side of the planet. But in 2015 it happened.

I was in Europe, in Russia, in Egypt, Turkey, etc., but here everything is completely different. To date, I have identified for myself the pros and cons of moving to the United States. I think that some of them will fit the general description of immigration ...

I'll start with the cons.

All relatives and friends are very far away. For many, this is not a problem, and they say that only the first year is difficult. The first months I couldn’t come to my senses at all, I called home endlessly and the most difficult for me was the evening. After 17: 00 in Ukraine, most people were already asleep, my husband was at work until night, and I was completely lonely. Living so far away from home, you miss all the important moments in the lives of your loved ones and you miss them endlessly.

My farewell party in Kiev

At work, preference is given to the local population with experience. It is very difficult to find a good job right away. Everyone wants a great experience in the USA. Almost all my familiar immigrants do not work where they would like, mainly in the service sector.

It’s hard when you don’t understand everyone around you. I taught English all my life, but when I came here, it seemed to me that I did not know him at all. After 8 months after the move, I don't always understand what they are saying. Americans use different words and turnovers than the ones we have always been taught. Therefore, the most important and the first task after the move is to go to language courses. There you can make new acquaintances, and it is much easier to live with knowledge of the language. But the language barrier is a temporary disadvantage.

You do not understand people and you do not know who you can trust and who you do not. Everywhere is very clean, nice and clean. And basically this order is achieved thanks to the initiative of the citizens themselves. Neighbors will complain about you if you haven't cut your lawn, and anyone can claim you if you haven't cleaned your dog. For our mentality, this is difficult and incomprehensible. Once we were fishing. The guys pulled the 16,5 inchey fish (approximately 42 cm), another fisherman immediately came up with a measuring tool and said that we had to let it go, because by law you can take home only fish larger than 17 inca, otherwise we will have to pay a $ 200 fine. You should always be on your toes and do everything according to the rules. Probably, this is not a minus, but sometimes it seems to me that Americans are too meticulous.

People do not try to look good. For some, this is not a minus at all, because you are accepted for who you are. But people no longer look after themselves, they dress casually, around an incredible amount of fat people who do not care about it and continue to eat in fast food. Their children are taken to fast food every day, despite the fact that children already in 10 years weigh as adults. I really want to see girls in heels and dresses, and not overweight women with cellulite in mini shorts. But here you are loved and accepted as you are, which means that there is no motivation to look better.

Insanely expensive medicine. You need to pay about $ 400 per month for medical insurance, and such insurance will not cover everything. And without insurance, if you suddenly go to the hospital, it can cost several thousand dollars. Few can afford insurance, especially if it is not paid at work. But you are more aware of your health. We are directly healthier than all healthy for the past six months.

That is all I would call a minus. In fact, if my relatives and friends were nearby, I would not have noticed any other things. Everything else will be decided by itself if you strongly want this and work on it thoroughly.

Now about the pros.

Significantly higher standard of living and income. Yes, it is difficult to find a job, but even working in the service sector, you can afford to travel, buy equipment, buy a car on credit and rent an apartment in a good area. In Ukraine, working on such jobs, people often barely cope with monthly expenses and do not even dream of traveling or a car.

Roads in Florida. Photo from the personal archive of the author

Exploring new cultures and expanding horizons. In America, mostly immigrants live. In general, I very rarely meet Native Americans. And if I meet, they are almost always born in other states. This gives you the opportunity to learn about a huge number of countries and cultures.

People are incredibly interesting and very different. Every day I hear amazing stories of people who came with nothing, and how they achieved everything. It is very motivating and developing.

Insanely beautiful nature and great climate. We live in the southern state, and we always have summer. Ocean hour away. Everywhere palm trees, beautiful landscaped lawns, forests and many living creatures. Everywhere, small lizards crawl around, and at some point you even begin to like them. In each city there is something very beautiful, and every weekend you can go to different cities for unforgettable and very different emotions.

Disneyland. Photo from the personal archive of the author

Always happy people around. Everyone is smiling and greeting you, every day you hear good wishes for the day and apologize if someone has somehow violated your comfort zone. People are free to talk to you on the street on any topic and will always help you figure out if something goes wrong with you.

Street food with masquerade and show. Photo from the personal archive of the author

A huge number of new features. Any immigration is a way out of the comfort zone. You can always try yourself in something new: learn a new profession, start surfing or drawing, become a photographer or open your restaurant, shop, etc. You understand that life has changed completely and it is much easier to make yourself start to do something then from scratch.

In America, an incredible amount of opportunities - available loans for new business, free high-quality training programs, sites such as eBay, Amazon and Craigsliston which you can sell any goods and people have money to buy them. A lot of interesting startups, and people who are always ready to help you.

Many values ​​are being rethought. In the first months after the move, we went with my husband's parents to a concert. It was a beautiful rock band show. I am not a fan of such music, but for the sake of the show it was worth going there. It was a shock for me when I saw how people went to this concert with all their families. They walked along 5-6 people with children, grandparents, wheelchair users, and old men with chopsticks. And it was a regular concert. The same can be seen in Disney land and at any other public events. Everyone helps each other, and there are special services that people with disabilities can call at any time to help them get somewhere or for any other problem they have. Yes, and not one person will not pass by, if it seems to him that someone needs help.

Many write about that. immigrating, you lose friends, but everything depends on you and your desire to maintain relationships with loved ones. You should not expect that they will call and write themselves every day. It’s all changed and you feel lonely, and they have the same life there and also planned it out every day. I call up almost every day with my parents, grandmothers, and grandfathers, I have a general chat with close friends, where we correspond almost daily. I regularly communicate with former colleagues from my favorite work. Everyone with whom I was friends and communicated, everything is also with me, and I am not going to lose them, despite the fact that now we live so far from each other.

Original article published in personal blog Natalie Petrova and reprinted with permission of the author.

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