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The pilot answered the questions that most concern air passengers

In the modern world, everyone is already accustomed to airplanes, but the understanding that a multi-ton iron bird soars in the sky, and you are in it, inspires fear and raises a number of questions that need to be answered. The pilot of the plane told what is really worth being afraid of, and answered 16 questions that are of interest to everyone who has flown at least once in their life. Writes about it Ochmanity.

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How to get to the pilots if their doors are blocked from the inside?

There is a special code that the flight attendant dials to get into the cockpit. This is necessary when, for example, both pilots have lost consciousness. The commander learns the code before the flight and reports it to the crew. After entering the code, the doors will open within a minute, but only if the pilots do not take any action. The pilot sees everything through a video camera, so if a non-crew member is standing at the door, he completely blocks the doors, and the intruder cannot get inside.

Can pilots wear curvy mustaches or piercings?

A beard, lush mustache, piercings and any other jewelry and "growths" on the face prevent the pilot from using an oxygen mask, which should fit snugly to the face. Therefore, the pilot's face is always clean, sometimes light unshaven is allowed. Otherwise, a situation is created that endangers the lives of passengers.

What happens if all engines fail?

During each flight, the aircraft switches to a mode in which the engines operate at zero thrust. If you move the lever to neutral on a machine with a manual transmission, the effect will be the same as when descending a hill. Complete failure of engines is extremely rare, and in this case there is a special instruction for restarting them.

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But even without engines, the plane can land on a gliding descent. The most famous incident happened with a Boeing 747 over Java in 1982, when the plane got caught in a cloud of dust from a volcanic eruption, all 4 engines failed. The crew managed to land the plane at a nearby airport, and none of the 263 people were injured.

How long are oxygen masks lasting for?

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The oxygen level and pressure inside the aircraft are maintained artificially. If the cabin is depressurized at a high altitude, a person develops hypoxia: he loses consciousness and can die without an oxygen mask.

Oxygen masks for passengers are designed for 10-15 minutes. This time is enough for the pilot to lower the plane to a height where he can breathe normally. The pilot has his own stationary oxygen mask, designed to last longer - to lower and even land the plane without losing concentration. Before each flight, pilots check the functionality of their masks.

Are the pilots sleeping at the helm?

Approximately 56% of pilots accidentally fall asleep during the flight, although it is better to say they can doze off. Fortunately, modern aircraft operate in autopilot mode almost all the time, and dispatchers require constant feedback from pilots.

On long-haul flights, two crews or three pilots can work at once. They replace each other with a break for rest. The pilot, having completed the shift, sleeps in a special cabin. It is important that the crew is constantly in touch with the dispatchers and at least one pilot is in control of the flight.

Why is the plane going to go around?

This is a normal situation. The plane can go around for various reasons, for example, there is an object or animal on the runway, a strong crosswind is blowing, or the airport is temporarily closed for urgent boarding of special flights.

Passengers are worried because the plane suddenly gains altitude before the long-awaited landing, but in fact everything is under control - this is a standard method of go-around.

What citizenship does a child born on an airplane get?

There are several options. This will be the passport of the country where:

  • the airline of the aircraft on which the birth took place is registered;
  • a baby was born in her air space;
  • the plane landed.

In most cases, the first option comes out in practice, but the decision is made by the airline, taking into account the current legislation. Some airlines give kids a bonus as a gift: the opportunity to fly all their lives for free on their planes anywhere in the world.

Can the plane land on autopilot?

In modern aircraft, control systems guide the aircraft along a route from an altitude of 300 meters and almost completely landing on the runway. During landing, automatic landing can be used, but the pilot needs to activate this mode and monitor it by setting certain configurations for landing.

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Already before direct landing on the runway, the plane is guided by the course-glide path system: the airport radio beacon guides the plane correcting its path. This system works even if the aircraft is completely de-energized.

Hard landing on water or on land - which is safer?

It depends on the aircraft model, but in most cases it is easier to land on the ground. Water will not only quickly flood the plane - it is harder than earth due to its density and consistency. According to statistics, during a hard emergency landing on the ground, the chances of survival are higher.

How do pilots eat during the flight?

A separate menu is prepared for the pilots with several dishes to choose from: if the commander wants chicken, the co-pilot will get fish or meat for lunch. This is the best way to avoid food poisoning. The pilots take turns eating, some right at the helm on a special table.

But there are airlines where this rule is not followed, and pilots can get the same portion of food as passengers.

Why do pilots sometimes fly in the cabin with passengers?

Sometimes, for work, pilots fly with passengers from one airport to another. If they are on board in uniform, then they are strictly forbidden to sleep, eat or watch movies with headphones in front of passengers. The appearance of a pilot in uniform during such activities can be misleading and create panic among passengers. But more often uniformed pilots fly in spare seats in the cockpit or in first class.

What's worse - crashing into a bird, getting hit by hail, or being struck by lightning?

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Lightning often gets on the plane, but the passengers do not even notice it. In extremely rare cases, this can lead to a blackout of the aircraft. In this case, the pilots have a few instructions that literally reset the electronics on board, and the flight continues as usual.

Birds are more dangerous than they seem. If it gets into a fan or turbine, destruction, failure and even fire of the engine are possible. Nearly every windshield will survive a collision with a bird. Therefore, airports use noise generators, falcons and even helicopters to scare birds away.

No less dangerous townbut aggressive weather conditions in an airplane are easier to spot and fly around.

Why are spirals drawn on the turbines?

The turbine can operate with virtually no sound. If you approach her at this moment, you will be thrown several meters and you will receive serious injuries. Due to a number of accidents, it is now customary to denote the middle of the turbine with spirals or other signs so that it can be seen whether the engine is running or is at rest.

Can an ordinary person land a plane?

If this is a modern liner, then there are chances. Recent experience with the simulator showed that the flight attendant coped with this task perfectly. This is largely the merit of computer systems that will direct and land the plane, if only through communication the person in the cockpit will be prompted for an algorithm of actions.

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Why aren't parachutes issued to passengers?

It sounds strange, but a parachute is unlikely to save your life if the plane starts to fall. Most people, even in a calm state, will not be able to put it on and land safely, and in order to jump out of the plane and not get hurt, the aircraft must fly slowly at an altitude of no more than 5 km above the ground.

But there are desperate passengers who take a parachute with them in their carry-on luggage. You can follow their example, although your own parachute costs like an expensive foreign car.

Are pilots not afraid to fly?

The largest plane crash in history took place not in the sky, but on the ground. In 1977, two airliners collided on the runway, killing 583 people. Plane crashes in the sky are rare. According to statistics, most incidents occur in the first 3 minutes after take-off and 8 minutes before landing. But even after being in a plane crash, 95,7% of people survive.

If you want to increase your chances of survival, sit in the back of the plane - it's safest there. Choose seats within the 5th row from the emergency exit.

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