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A ship fully controlled by artificial intelligence went sailing for the first time

The ship, with an AI (artificial intelligence) captain and no crew, set off on September 16 on one of the world's first autonomous transatlantic voyages to collect ocean data. Writes about it UNILAD.

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The full-size, fully autonomous research vessel MAS was created through a collaboration between the non-profit maritime research organization Promare and IBM, a global consortium of partners and scientific organizations, and is set to explore the seas in the next six months.

MAS will travel to Plymouth, Massachusetts by self-navigation using intelligent airborne technology.

The AI ​​captain will independently make a decision on each movement, since he is trained on images of those things that he may collide with at sea (seagulls, boats, icebergs, etc.) ..

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Andy Stanford-Clark, CTO at IBM UK, explained that AI recognizes what to avoid, including both physical obstacles and potentially hazardous weather.

The ship is also equipped with a system that determines whether the course offered by the AI ​​is legal.

During its journey, MAS will use on-board data collection equipment to advance research on plastic pollution and global warming. Without a crew on board, an entire ship can be devoted to science.

MAS will follow the route of the original Mayflower from 1620 to commemorate 400 years of the legendary voyage.

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