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Biden's first impeachment hearings will take place before the end of September: what to expect

On September 28, the Oversight and Accountability Committee will hold the first impeachment hearing of President Biden, and will also demand the release of his son Hunter Biden's bank records as early as this week, reports The Hill.

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“The hearing will focus on constitutional and legal issues related to the President's involvement in corruption and abuse of office,” a spokesman for the Oversight and Accountability Committee said.

Asked whether the hearings would reveal new evidence, committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) said the hearings were not expected to reveal new issues.

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Although Comer has said he believes President Biden accepted bribes during his dealings in Ukraine as vice president, the GOP has yet to find conclusive evidence to support those claims. The lack of new evidence for the hearing is sure to be a target for Democrats who say the committee failed to link President Biden to any wrongdoing.

On Sept. 19, the White House criticized Republicans for pushing impeachment as Congress appears to be moving toward a government shutdown.

“Far-right Republican House members are already announcing plans to distract from their chaotic failure to govern and its consequences. Holding hearings on political stunts in the final days before they can shut down the government reveals their true priorities. For them, unfounded personal attacks on President Biden are more important than preventing a government shutdown and the pain it will cause American families,” said Ian Sams, White House Oversight and Investigations spokesman.

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The committee also said it would demand the bank records of Hunter Biden as well as the bank records of James Biden, the president's brother.

Republicans said then-Vice President Biden accepted a $5 million bribe in exchange for helping oust Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin during the Burisma investigation. Burisma is a Ukrainian gas company whose board of directors included Hunter Biden.

President Biden's actions were consistent with calls from other world leaders at the time, and emails from State Department officials at the time show that it was Shokin's failure to tackle corruption in his own country that led to efforts to remove him.

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The unverified $5 million bribe claim came from a confidential FBI source. The Bureau found the source credible, although it could not confirm the information. The source relayed a conversation with the head of Burisma, Nikolai Zlochevsky, and noted that bragging about bribing politicians is normal among Ukrainian businessmen.

Comer told reporters on Sept. 18 that he views Hunter Biden's bank records as a key way to move forward with the investigation.

“Everyone in America knows why we need these bank records,” he said. “And they can either provide them themselves, or we will see them in court.”

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