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The first fully warm-blooded fish found in California

Ichthyologists from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have discovered the first completely warm-blooded fish. It turned out to be a representative of the genus of marine ray-finned fish opahs - “Lampris guttatus”, or “common opah”. Unlike already known warm-blooded fish: skipjack tuna, some types of mackerel or mako shark, opahs can maintain a constant temperature.


“Common opahs” are quite large fish. They have a large oval and laterally flattened body. Because of this feature, in English they are often called “moonfish” or “sunfish”, as well as “ocean pancake”. Their weight reaches 270 kilograms and their length is 2 meters. Improved thermoregulation allows them to hunt effectively in deep, cold waters, where active pursuit of prey is not typical for other fish, which prefer to wait and ambush. This is a serious competitive advantage that contributes to the survival and prosperity of the species.


In the U.S. California a fish
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