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Personal experience: “the first of September” in an American school

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The first of September is an ordinary day in an American school. School starts at different times in different school districts, but on this first day, no matter what date it falls on (for example, my child started school on August 28), there are no celebrations. The only new tradition is to take a photo of your child near the house or school bus stop and post it on Facebook: they say, look, he’s already a second or seventh grader - just like parents do all over the world.

It’s already been a week since my son started third grade, and on the evening of August 31st I got to school for parent-teacher meetings. It looked like this. First, all the parents of children who had entered third grade were gathered in the gym. They showed a presentation for about ten minutes: what the children will study, what excursions they will go on, what tests they will take, and what their homework will be. Once again they reminded not to use violence towards the child: if he is tired, or the homework is too difficult, there is no need to force him to do them, but it is necessary to inform the teacher about the problems.

Then we gathered in the classes to look at the child’s workplace, meet the teacher and parents. Our school has 5 parallel classes. And every year the children are mixed. It is believed that in this way children should learn to make new friends, get to know other children at school better - at recess they all play together, and also, if it happens that “toxic” (this is a word in the USA to characterize unpleasant, negative things) relationships, interrupt them so that they do not drag on throughout the child’s education.

Accordingly, the teacher is new every year. As a rule, teachers constantly teach the same class, but new children every year. Of course, from time to time they either get tired of teaching 10st grade for 1 years, or due to changes in personnel, there is an excess of 2nd grade teachers, but a shortage of 4th grade, then they change their specialization.

Our teacher taught second grade last year, and third grade this year. It so happened that our son is the only child at school whose teacher did not change during the transition from second to third grade.

It turned out that in the 3rd grade four children who were with him in the 19th grade would study with him. Their parents came to the meeting and we renewed our acquaintance. And then we asked the teacher the questions that interested us. And all this communication lasted only an hour - from 00:20 to 00:XNUMX.

When I was already leaving the classroom, I stopped at the table where there was a piece of paper on which several mothers wrote down their names. I had already taken the pen, but my son’s teacher stopped me: “Tatiana, this is for volunteers. You don't need it. You work so hard.”

And when did I make such an impression on her?

Volunteers are the teacher's willing assistants in the classroom, especially when children are doing special projects, or parents who accompany children on field trips. As a rule, these are mothers who either do not work, or work from home or not full time. You can also take work home. One day I agreed to sharpen pencils for an entire class. A couple of times I still took a day off and came to help - I wondered what the child was doing at school and what his classmates were like.

Such joint communication occurs once or twice a year. The child’s progress at school is discussed in detail during individual meetings with the teacher. To do this, parents enter their name on the schedule, where 15 minutes are allocated to talk about each child. Such meetings take place either in the morning or after 16:00. I remember how, while still in high school in Ukraine, I came to the parent-teacher meeting of my younger sister, and then stayed for the meeting of the parents of my class - this is what I learned about my classmates - until I was noticed and kicked out of the room. But even taking into account that the schoolchildren themselves are not at these meetings, how can you tell so openly in front of all the parents, “what a lazy person Vasya is”?

In the United States, it is not customary to give teachers flowers or anything at the beginning of the year. However, American schools collect money all the time, but always on a voluntary basis. Here, like most schools, this is done by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Once I went to their meeting - I got the impression that I was at a working meeting of a professional fundraising organization. We talked exclusively about finances.

And they approach their work creatively. For example, instead of purchasing all the supplies for the child on our own and wasting time hunting for specific markers - and here the requirements for the school office are very specific - we purchased a third-grader set, which was compiled by the Association. Of course, we overpaid. But the excess goes to the needs of the school.

Another popular way of fundraising is sports competitions. The school holds a kind of “fun start” and asks parents to find friends and colleagues willing to promise money for their child’s sporting achievements. For example, $2 for running one lap in the gym. If a child runs 30 laps, that person must pay $60. We didn’t involve our friends - everyone collects money for the needs of Ukraine - but we paid ourselves. Sometimes they ask to give money for an excursion or to buy a T-shirt with the school emblem - but it’s up to the parents to decide whether their child needs an excursion or a T-shirt.

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