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First job in the USA: how to build a career in America after short courses

Every year in the USA they make 7 billion blood tests, more 100 million cardiograms, 40-50 million surgical operations, and each of them uses on average 250-300 medical instruments. Why do you need these statistics? Everything is very simple! You can make good money and build a career in the US from each of these millions of medical procedures. Nearly 3 million immigrants who work in health care already do this.

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To build a medical career in America, you do not need to have hospital experience or medical education. It is enough to take professional courses and receive a certificate. According to this scheme, you can work, for example, as a blood sampling specialist, a technician for sterilizing medical instruments, or a biller (responsible for communication between hospitals and insurers). Courses for these specialties are conducted by the career school Concord rusam. More than 20 years ago her founded in the USA by immigrants, who wanted to fill a gap in the system of medical courses in New York. With the help of the school's specialists, we have selected five courses that are best suited for starting a career in the USA.

Blood Collection Specialist (Phlebotomy Technician)
  • Duration of the course: 96 hours of classes
  • Format: offline (morning, evening and weekends)
  • Cost: $950
  • What will i do: take blood from patients for tests
  • How much will I earn: average Phlebotomy Technician salary in the USA - $ 20,94 per hour.
  • Number of vacancies in November 2023: more 3700
  • Career prospects: After several years of work, you can apply for the position of manager of a team of blood drawers or a corresponding department in a hospital. In addition, you can take several more Concord Rusam courses and become a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA).

The Phlebotomy Technician course at Concord Rusam includes theoretical and practical parts. Students receive basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology; study and practice blood sampling using various equipment; practice control over infection safety during testing.

Electrocardiography Technician (EKG)
  • Duration of the course: 52 hours of classes, including practice in an equipped laboratory
  • Format: offline (morning, evening and weekends)
  • Cost: $800
  • What will i do: take a cardiogram
  • How much will I earn: The average salary of an EKG technician in the USA is - $ 25,31 per hour.
  • Number of vacancies in November 2023: about 600
  • Career prospects: This is a great introduction to the US healthcare system. After this, you can take several more Concord Rusam courses, expanding your qualifications and increasing your salary.

The course Electrocardiogram specialist at Concord, Rusam introduces students to ECG equipment and how to use it. In addition, students learn to identify and analyze cardiac pathologies.

On the subject: How an Immigrant-Founded New York City Career School Changed Thousands of Lives

Sterile Processing Technician
  • Duration of the course: 2 month
  • Format: offline (morning, evening and weekends)
  • Cost: $ 1
  • What will i do: clean and sterilize medical instruments and equipment
  • How much will I earn: The average salary for a medical instrument sterilization technician in the USA is: $ 35,65 per hour.
  • Number of vacancies in November 2023: more 2800
  • Career prospects: Having gained experience, over the years you can become a shift supervisor or head of the sterilization department, at this level the salary exceeds $100 thousand per year.

During the course, students are introduced to technologies for cleaning and sterilizing medical instruments, and also gain practical experience working with real surgical equipment.

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist
  • Duration of the course: 225 hours of theoretical and practical training
  • Format: offline (mornings, evenings and weekends) in school classrooms and medical offices
  • Cost: $ 2
  • What will i do: bill insurance companies for hospital services provided to patients
  • How much will I earn: The average salary of a certified biller in the US is - $ 60 097 per year.
  • Number of vacancies in November 2023: more than 13 000
  • Career prospects: This is probably the only medical specialty that allows you to work from home and even open your own business, working with clinics on a contract basis and on a schedule convenient for you.

The biller's job is more office than medical. But it requires care, perseverance and special knowledge. On course Medical Billing and Coding from Concord Rusam students learn:

  • medical terminology and documentation;
  • types of health insurance and rules of interaction between hospitals and insurers;
  • basic accounting;
  • basic computer literacy and office procedures;
  • methods of coding various diseases.
Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA)
  • Duration of the course: 920 hours, including 150 hours of clinical practice in a medical office
  • Format: offline (morning, evening and weekends) in school classrooms and hospitals
  • Cost: $ 4
  • What will i do: assist the doctor during the appointment of patients, conduct surveys of patients and explain to them the doctor’s prescriptions
  • How much will I earn: The average salary for a medical assistant in the USA is - $ 46 000 per year.
  • Number of vacancies in November 2023: more than 20 000
  • Career prospects: this job involves a high level of responsibility and puts you deeply into medicine. Then, if you wish, you can move through college to work as a nurse or get an administrative position, having proven yourself well.

The course Clinical Medical Assistant, essentially combines several shorter Concord Rusam courses, and also gives students additional knowledge so that they can effectively assist the doctor. They study the following topics:

  • anatomy and physiology,
  • medical terminology,
  • electrocardiography,
  • taking blood tests and other clinical tests,
  • medical laws and ethics,
  • safety precautions when working in medical institutions.

In order to become a student in any of these courses, you must have a high school diploma, speak intermediate English, and be legally in the United States.

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Teaching is conducted in English so that graduates learn concepts in the language in which they will work. Moreover, all courses at Concord Rusam are taught by Russian-speaking teachers who, if necessary, can explain a complex topic in Russian. Upon completion of the courses, a certificate is issued, each graduate can also pass a federal certification test in their specialty - holders of such certificates are more willing to be hired and paid more.

В Concord rusam There are specialists who help graduates write their resumes and prepare them for interviews. In addition, the school often helps with job placement. Its graduates work in many medical institutions and report vacancies there.

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Private Career School Concord Rusam

Address: 412 8th Ave, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212-619-2260
Email: [email protected]


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