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The first phase of the quarantine cancellation in New York: what will work from today

At last, after almost three months of fighting the coronavirus pandemic, New York is ready to return to normal. That will work this week, the publication reported AMNY.

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Starting Monday, June 8, the first phase of quarantine cancellation starts in five districts of New York. This means that about 400 thousand residents of the city will be able to return to work, suspended for several weeks.

However, this does not mean that life in the city will immediately return to its previous course and become the same as it was before March 1, when the first case of COVID-19 infection was recorded in the city. At least because a lot of restrictions will be introduced for business, both inside the office and outside it. These restrictions are designed to protect both employees and employers and customers from potential infections.

Another change that citizens will notice will affect the operation of transport. MTA plans to resume regular customer service, suspended at the end of March, when passenger traffic fell by 90%. This was stated by Sarah Feinberg, and. about. President of New York Transit.

True, it is worth noting that although bus services and metro work will resume, the MTA will continue the nightly shutdown of the transit system for disinfection until further notice, Feinberg said June 5. Night service for workers in the city’s life support sectors will continue.

Below you will find list of major New York economy sectors that will earn on June 8, and find out how it affects you personally.


Construction work suspended during quarantine will resume with the first phase of quarantine cancellation in New York. Contractors can finally get back to work.

The types of projects that will be resumed include: non-urgent work on highways, bridges and streets (emergency work was allowed during the Pause plan), on land, construction of non-residential and residential buildings, as well as the construction of a communal system.

All workers will need to wear face masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Also at the construction sites will be regulated by the number of people in confined spaces at the same time; limited sharing of equipment; Provides regular daily cleaning and disinfection of jobs.

Production and wholesale

Starting June 8, factories and warehouses throughout the city will return to work again. The resumption of production and wholesale will occur in the following areas: clothing, computer and electronic products, electric lighting equipment, metal products, furniture and related products, leather and related products, machinery, non-metallic mineral products, paper, oil and coal products, plastic and rubber , printing and related support, textiles and wood.

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As in the case of construction, restrictions will be set on the number of workers that can be assembled in a certain space. Workers will have to wear face masks. Personal meetings will be limited; Events such as conference calls should be held in well-ventilated areas.

Employers must provide their workers with free masks and establish sanitary facilities. There will also be restrictions on equipment sharing.


Many retailers that do not provide vital services to the public will resume their work. However, they will also be subject to restrictions that apply to both sellers and buyers.

Retailers who will reopen their doors in June include: clothing, electronics and household appliances, furniture, flower shops, general stores, health and personal care products, jewelry stores, gardening equipment and supplies , office supplies and souvenirs, used goods, shoe stores, sporting goods stores, hobby goods stores, musical instrument stores and bookstores, direct selling establishments, e-mail and postal houses and various other retail stores.

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