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Dragging four people and pulling by the ears: an unusual Olympiad was held in Alaska

In Fairbanks, Alaska, the 60th World Eskimo-Indian Olympic Games, in which residents of the circumpolar regions take part, have ended. They compete in not very traditional sports, the purpose of which is to prepare a person for survival in the harsh conditions of the Far North. Writes about it "Voice of America".

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It is an annual event dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of Alaska's indigenous peoples. Participants compete in strength, agility and endurance in traditional Eskimo and Native American games, and demonstrate survival skills in the harsh circumpolar regions.

According to WikipediaThe disciplines presented are completely different from the classic sports, they are based on the traditional games of the Native Americans.

"Dragging four people" - the task of the participant is to drag four people on himself as far as possible (this is a test of endurance: the Eskimo must be able to carry heavy logs and boulders over long distances).

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"Jumping from knees" - the participant sits on his knees, and then must jump from this position as far as possible without falling (test for speed and balance in case of jumping on ice floes).

"Tug of a stick" - a short stick is taken, sharpened at both ends and in the mud. Two participants take the ends of the stick and try to pull it out from the opponent (test for the firmness of the grip in order to firmly grasp the fish and not let it go).

"High hit" - the participant must jump as high as possible and hit the pear hanging on the rope with one foot, and then land on this leg and maintain balance (when the herald of the hunting group appears in the visibility zone of the villagers, he jumps, announcing a successful hunt).

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"Pulling by the ears" - two participants put a rope on their ears, the one who slips off the first wins (this is a test of pain tolerance, as during the competition the participants experience terrible pain).

In addition, the participants compete in traditional dances, sewing clothes, eating maktak (whale oil) for a while, storytelling.

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