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Top 10 states where Americans are moving in 2024

Americans struggling with a crippling cost-of-living crisis are fleeing south to more affordable states with favorable tax rates. Dailymail tells where residents are moving from and to USA.

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Tens and thousands of people move around the country to avoid higher costs. The realities of life force residents move to areas with lower overall costs.

Where are the Americans running?

According to ConsumerAffairs, Florida - the most popular state where people move to. This year, 16 people plan to move there. There is a better quality of life, lower cost and no income tax.

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The Sunshine State does not tax labor or investment income. This attracts those seeking financial advantages, while eight of the 10 states with the largest influx of new residents are located in the South due to lower costs of living and lower tax rates.

Texas is the second most popular place to move, with 10 people moving there this year.

A thriving economy, strong job market, affordable cost of living, and good weather make it an attractive state to live in.

According to census data, more than nine million people lived here from 2000 to 2022.

Over the past three years, more than 160 companies, including Tesla, AT&T and Toyota, have moved to Texas to leverage their combination of unique competitive business advantages.

This state has no income tax for individuals and simplifies it for businesses, which helps them increase their profits.

North Carolina ranks third on the list of states where people are willing to move this year, with 7970 people considering the opportunity.

The state's lower cost of living and housing is attractive to Americans compared to other markets. This is one of the most accessible places in the country.

The state boasts a strong economy and low tax rates, which attracts both individuals and businesses.

North Carolina is attractive for its scenic views and easy access to nature, as well as a mild climate that provides pleasant weather year-round.

Last year, the largest number of people moved to Wilmington, the county seat of New Hanover County.

Arizona and South Carolina are also among the top five states where Americans are moving: 5614 and 5585 people, respectively, are considering moving here this year.

Arizona's popularity has been growing in recent years, with more and more retirees moving to the state. The cost of living is lower than most areas with cheaper housing, utilities and taxes compared to neighboring California.

There are no inheritance taxes here.

An increasing number of people are moving to South Carolina to take advantage of the lower cost of living, which is 6% less than the national average.

Compared to other states, it has lower housing, transportation, and healthcare costs.

South Carolina also boasts a comfortable climate and easy access to outdoor activities, as it is located close to the Atlantic Ocean.

Where are people moving from?

California is the state from which the greatest outflow of population. Nearly 18 residents have indicated they intend to leave this year. Americans, citing high costs and poor quality of life, are leaving the Golden State in droves.

People complain about politics, safety issues and traffic, among other things.

The mass exodus began in 2019, and just last year the state's population grew for the first time by only 0,17%.

New York took second place among the American states from which the most residents left - 5997 people. Recently, its population has been steadily declining: from July 2022 to July 2023, more than 100 people left the state.

Here are some of the highest living prices in the country, and there is a trend of housing shortage.

Some people are put off by the state's high taxes, while others leave because of crime, safety concerns and a desire for a slower pace of life.

Washington ranked third as 5000 people said they intended to leave the state this year.

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The high cost of living, unaffordable housing and public safety are the main reasons why people flee the state.

More than 2021 people left Washington between 2022 and 250, according to Census data. Inconvenient traffic and bad weather are also important reasons that encourage people to leave this state.

Colorado and Illinois also made it into the top five states where the most people are ready to leave this year.

Colorado residents said they are looking for more affordable housing, the lowest possible taxes and a high quality of life.

Among the reasons for their departure, they cited the exorbitant cost of living, high crime rates and homelessness.

Illinois has seen its population decline for 10 years in a row as people leave the state in droves.

Many residents complain about the state's taxes, housing and crime, while others are motivated to relocate by better job or retirement opportunities.

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