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Lifetime cruise for retirees: how much does it cost to spend your old age on a trip around the world

The cruise line is offering retirees an extended adventure. They can buy a lifetime ticket for a fixed fee to travel around the world on a comfortable liner, reports Dailymail.

ships Cruise Celebrity Apex and Norwegian Escape moored in the port


Villa Vie Residences has launched the Endless Horizons program. She will allow passengers On May 30, set sail on the ship Villa Vie Odyssey across seven continents.

The cost of a lifetime cruise (apartments on the ship) for retirees is $299 for a single room and $999 for a double cabin.

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“One of the concerns most people are approaching retirement is ongoing living expenses and the ability to stretch their savings out longer,” said Kathy Villalba, chief operating officer of Villa Vie Residences. — Our program completely solves this problem by offering a cherished dream: explore every corner of the world by sea."

Entertainment and conditions

According to the company's website, some of the wonderful destinations the ship will stop at along its route include Rio de Janeiro, Greenland, the Caribbean, Australia, Bali and others. Passengers will be able to visit some of the largest US cities, including New York, Miami and Washington DC. They will have the ability to “customize their trip” so that holidaymakers can choose where they want to go.

Residents on board will have access to the outside cabin area and will be able to participate in 50 active interest groups, including fitness and culinary arts.

Vacationers will be able to enjoy swimming pools, educational and developmental seminars, and even work in private offices and conference rooms.

The ship, which is currently docked in Belfast, Northern Ireland, offers all-inclusive meals, medical consultations, excursions, high-speed internet and the ability to invite family and friends on board.

For $129 per night, friends and family members of passengers are allowed to join adventurous retirees on board.

The cruise offers wellness classes and a fitness center, as well as plenty of onboard entertainment, including fine dining.

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There is also a "pay as you go" option, where potential passengers can rent a cabin and pay as they go. They have the option to purchase a “villa,” which starts at $99 and can be sold or rented at any time.

Villa Vie Residence CEO Mikael Petterson said its goal is to “offer a complete solution for those who want to retire on a fixed budget and never have to worry about ongoing expenses again.”

Petterson has more than 18 years of cruise line finance experience, according to the cruise line's website.

He has operational finance experience from his time at Royal Caribbean, as well as Prestige Cruise and Norwegian Cruise Line.

“It’s more than just an opportunity to travel—it’s a new way of life,” he said. “For less than the average home price, you'll have the experience of a lifetime.”

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