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American Airlines passengers vomited the entire flight due to severe turbulence caused by the storm

Furious weather due to winter storm hit the UScaused several passengers on a flight to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to vomit due to turbulence. The edition told in more detail New York Post.

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Emergency services crews rushed aboard an American Airlines plane as it landed at Philadelphia International Airport at 20:45 p.m. Dec. 22. They hurried to help several travelers who complained of malaise and vomiting.

One of the passengers on Flight 2528 from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, said the captain had warned of a storm forming around the aircraft.

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“It was very stressful, so he asked permission to go up and down, but he was refused. The flight was very bumpy and noisy,” he said.

An airline spokesman confirmed that the airliner encountered "moderate turbulence" during the four-hour flight.

"The plane landed safely, but as a precaution, first responders met it as it taxied to the gate," the spokesman explained.

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According to an American Airlines spokesman, during the turbulence, the "do not unfasten seat belts" sign was lit. The airline said none of the passengers required hospitalization.

The National Weather Service Aviation Meteorological Center issued a warning of severe air turbulence over parts of New York City. This mainly concerned Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Maryland, all of New Jersey and Delaware.

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