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A couple from Washington visited all US national parks: which one did the couple call the best?

The Seattle couple visited all 63 national parks across America. They shared their opinions about which parks and why they liked them, reports New York Post.

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Matt Smith and his wife Karen told Instagram users about their travels around the United States. They shared breathtaking views of national parks: from the famous Grand Canyon to Death Valley in California.

“It’s impossible to list all the wonders of 63 national parks in a 30-second video,” the couple wrote under the video. “But the great thing about our parks is that you can see them all in person and have your own ‘best’ memories, which, of course, will be different from ours.”

Nominations for parks

The couple categorized their national park experiences as "most underrated," "most epic," "most impressive" and others.

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Matt Smith and his wife Karen called Olympic National Park the "most diverse" park. They list California’s famous Death Valley National Park as “the most otherworldly.” Matt and Karen shared one of the most breathtaking views of the scorching desert with viewers.

Next up were the famous Glacier Park and Washington State's Mount Rainer Park. These parks have been recognized for having "the most epic hiking trails."

The video then shows wild bison walking along the road, followed by a lone wolf walking through the snow at another location. The footage was filmed at Yellowstone National Park, which the couple praised as having "the best wildlife viewing."

The most “charming” was Bryce Canyon in Utah, and Zion National Park was rated “most unique.”

The couple called Grand Canyon National Park “awe-inspiring.”

Saving their favorite for last, Matt and Karen voted Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park the "best of the bunch" in the finale.

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Not all of the couple's travels went smoothly. They survived a horrific plane crash after visiting Lake Clark National Park in Alaska in 2011.

According to the Seattle Times, the couple left the park when their Piper Navajo collided with a seaplane flying in the same direction.
Both planes that collided miraculously were able to land safely. Matt and Karen escaped without injury.

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