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Dad at home: father of four children conquered a network of photos of his life

Simon Hooper Photo: Instagram father_of_daughters

Simon Hooper from London has a very difficult life - he is the father of four daughters who are not 10 years old, writes Huffington Post.

Simon and his wife Clementine have four daughters - 9 years, 6 years and 10-month twins. Hooper documents his life in Instagram father_of_daughters.

The account has more than 786 thousands of subscribers. He shares the secrets of raising his daughters - from laying to sleep before teething and birthday parties.

One of his most popular posts scored over 20 thousands of likes.

Photo: Instagram father_of_daughters

«Я практически живу в этом отделе супермаркета. Молодые родители спрашивают у меня, как у «опытного» (то есть как у усталого парня, дрожащего в углу), где найти то-то и то-то. Я отвечаю: «Третья полка сверху, посередине слева, купите три и получите скидку», – говорится в подписи.

Photo: Instagram father_of_daughters

Am I the only one or all men who can sleep on the 20-centimeter edge of the bed? Regardless of the size of the bed and the number of people in it, I always find myself in the "male zone". I am so used to sleeping in this limited area that it seems I can fall asleep on the ceiling and not fall.

Photo: Instagram father_of_daughters

Cooking dinner with the family is an important process to instill interest in healthy foods. But if we add to the process two 10-month-old children with a minimum of experience and hygiene standards, which would have closed even the donut at the metro station, Jamie’s 15-minute recipes are perceived quite differently.

Photo: Instagram father_of_daughters

If fathers are suitable for something, it is to be movable walls of the Swedish. We practice for talent shows, my task is to find out how many family members can hang on me before I earn a vertebral hernia.

Photo: Instagram father_of_daughters

My wife asked me to collect a children's bag. I collected.

Photo: Instagram father_of_daughters

Someone report an attack on a man! The suspects are two, both short, similar to each other so that the father himself does not distinguish, but still insanely cute.

Photo: Instagram father_of_daughters

No, this is not a curling training - it is a public work. If you live in this house, then there is one law that is engraved in your brain from the very birth - if you litter, then you are responsible for cleaning. However, this is the most frequently violated law. The problem is that the police educators are so exhausted that the criminals have time to leave the scene of the crime before we get there.

Photo: Instagram father_of_daughters

Sleep time is usually a trip to a war zone, where there is little lighting, upholstered furniture and rabbits. This is a place where books are used as weapons, and children make camouflage from soft toys to throw a bottle of milk at you, like a grenade. But today everything was different.

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