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Homeless tents in San Francisco are more expensive than renting an apartment in the city

Keeping the homeless in San Francisco, California costs taxpayers an estimated $ 16,1 million a month. Writes about it Fox News.

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The used 262 tents, which cost taxpayers approximately $ 61 each for services and meals, are set up in six community areas called Safe Sleeping Villages, where the homeless are provided with food and other services such as bathrooms and 000-hour security.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced the creation of the city's first Safe Sleeping Villages in a series of tweets on May 15, 2020.

“In normal times, we help people get out of homelessness in two main ways - sheltering and returning home. Because of COVID-19, both of these methods are seriously limited, so our hands are tied, "Breed wrote on Twitter then.

She noted that the city added 2018 new beds since she took office in 1000, but the COVID-19 pandemic had to cut shelter capacity by 76%. While thousands of homeless people were accommodated in hotels, Breed expressed concern about "logistical problems" associated with such efforts.

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“We, frankly, don't have many other options right now,” the mayor wrote. "It is better to have nearby places with resources serving people than unauthorized camps."

The cost of one tent site on one site is $ 190 per night, which is about two and a half times the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco. The cost per tent, however, is $ 82 less than the city's homeless hotel program, which costs taxpayers an estimated $ 21 million a month.

The $ 16,1 million is part of the $ 300 million the city spends annually on homeless assistance programs. San Francisco is projected to face a budget deficit of $ 650 million over the next two years. Measures taken during the 2018 vote could increase spending on the homeless by an additional $ 300 million.

Since 2005, the number of homeless people in San Francisco has increased every year, and in 2019 there were over 8 people in the city. COVID-000 has likely compounded these numbers.

“We have to find a way to help these people. But we need them to be more cost-effective, ”Rafael Mandelman emphasized.

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Abigail Stewart-Kahn, interim director of the Department of Homelessness, said during a budget committee hearing that the department does not have time to conduct a stricter contracting process to save money, but is reviewing the Safe Sleeping Villages program.

In December 2020, the mayor asked all departments to cut their budgets by 7,5% to close the deficit, and said San Francisco's top priorities include “managing the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting investment in homelessness, mental health, and helping small businesses. affected by the pandemic. "

“Overcoming this deficit will not be easy. This will require tough choices and real trade-offs. While this pandemic will continue to slow down our recovery, I know we can do the hard work to keep this city moving forward, ”Breed said.

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