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Expect the unexpected: a traveler shares his experience of a transatlantic flight during a pandemic

One of the frequent flyers posted on a personal blog about his business class journey from Heathrow Airport (London) to New York via Amsterdam to "demonstrate what it really is like to fly during COVID-19." Writes about it Dailymail.

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Blogger Gilbert Ott has posted some helpful tips on staying safe on board in a coronavirus.

He writes: "I found several things that really helped me calm down."

Wireless entertainment

“While the airlines say they will make a significant effort to disinfect flights,” Gilbert writes, “I would rather not trust anyone else with my personal safety. Accordingly, I fell in love more than ever with my personal tablet, laptop and wireless headphones.

“Upload a ton of content for offline viewing and you'll only be touching your stuff,” the blogger writes.

Triple check

Things got a lot more complicated, says Gilbert.

He writes: "On the way back, I asked a sweet registration agent how her day was going, and she replied:" I'm in stress, there are too many restrictions on entry and new rules. "


“I think the fewer things you touch, the better. Now is the time to take food to go, make yourself a sandwich and be ready for self-service, ”the blogger writes.

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“With a few exceptions, the food on board the plane has never tasted particularly good, and now you have a good reason to eat your own food,” Gilbert added.

Carry your own napkins

Gilbert advises carrying his own wipes and a disinfectant with him, in addition, “at most airports, the limits for hand sanitizers are increased to more than 100 ml.”

He also recalled a video on airplane hygiene from Naomi Campbell, published in July 2019, in which she wipes a business-class seat with gloves.

"This video was ahead of its time," Gilbert wrote.

Wear multiple layers of clothing or replaceable clothing.

Worried about surface contact? The blogger says having layers that can be changed helps.

“On the way back, I decided to change, and then, after passing through airport security, wash my hands,” he said.

Avoid carry-on compartments whenever possible.

He writes: “Luggage containers have always been a big dilemma for travelers, and now they are everyone's dilemma. Airlines charging astronomical luggage fees have forced many seasoned travelers to learn how to properly pack their luggage. But this means that you need to reach the least cleaned area of ​​the plane and touch the things of other passengers. "

Take two masks

Gilbert considers it "very good" that masks "must be mandatory."

Why? “For the simple reason that you don't want to infect anyone or get infected yourself, and masks help reduce the spread of droplets when you talk, sneeze or breathe with your mouth open,” he explains.

Masks are effective for about four hours, so “take two or even three,” Gilbert advises. "And learn to wear them correctly."

Check in online

Boarding passes are good souvenirs, but the more digital you can make your journey, the less time you will have to spend with other passengers at airports.

Gilbert writes: “Where possible, printing out a boarding pass or, even better, using your airline’s mobile application will avoid all errors, save time and effort, and protect against close physical contact with others.”

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He admits that it can be more difficult on long-haul flights, but during short, on the contrary, it should be easy.

Pay close attention to transit.

“Most countries advise avoiding public transport whenever possible,” Gilbert says. "Pay a little more attention to the availability and / or protocols required for any trip."

Choose places as close as possible to the exit and windows

In one short flight, Gilbert felt that "at least 10 people were passing me." And a few passengers stopped near him to give others the opportunity to pass.

Therefore, Gilbert recommends, take a seat closer to the front door of the plane or at the window so that no one has to pass by you.

Expect the unexpected

“From cancellations to health checks, it’s not a long time before the trip returns to the normal state seen before COVID-19,” Gilbert wrote. "Understanding that things can change will help make the trip more enjoyable."

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