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People around the world populate the windows of their houses and courtyards with teddy bears: what is happening

A massive “teddy bear” hunt has begun around the world to entertain millions of children who are bored at home because of the coronavirus pandemic. with the BBC.

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People began to massively exhibit teddy bears on their windowsills and in the yards, so that children who went out for a short walk with their parents would admire them.

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The inspiration for such an initiative was the book "We're Going to Hunt the Bear" by British author Michael Rosen.

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“When we went out for a walk the last time, we found the 21st teddy bear. Today they counted 112, ”said one of the mothers.

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People put soft toys in the windows to please the children while walking. When they go for a walk with their parents, they will definitely notice another pretty club-footed one. Slightly bored kids will happily join the game, turning into real "plush animal hunters."

“It’s like looking for Easter eggs - the only difference is that we are looking for bears,” explained one of the guys walking near the house.

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Teddy Bears on the windowsills were seen not only in the United States, but also around the world, for example, in Wales and New Zealand.

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The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, also did not stand aside - she put two clubfoots on the windowsill of her house in Wellington.

Now adults have turned walking with children into a real safari - in different places they exhibit not only cubs, but also other plush toys. Inscriptions with their names are placed next to them or numbered with numbers so that during the walk the children can practice counting, as well as learning the alphabet.

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Tanya Ha, a resident of Melbourne in Australia, said she was inspired to put plush toys on the window when she heard about other “hunts” around the world.

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Every day on the windowsill, she has something new. In addition to toys, Tanya puts out humorous and educational notes designed not only for children, but also for adults.

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Her two children help with ideas. Tanya Ha says that this activity allows the family not to think about the bad during a pandemic.

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