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Cancellations and delays of flights: how to be safe and what to demand from airlines

Due to the weather, which has recently been raging in the United States, airlines are forced to reschedule or cancel their flights. What, then, should passengers do, that airlines owe you, and where to seek justice? Found out the publication Money Talks News.

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The holiday season is a time when millions of people travel. But if you intend to fly in the next couple of weeks, there is a risk that your flight may be rescheduled or canceled.

What do airlines owe travelers when they cancel a flight? Not too much. But they will try to book you a seat on the next available flight at no extra cost. This is the case if you are stuck halfway while traveling or are just about to hit the road.

“If your flight is canceled or delayed and you decide to cancel your trip as a result of this, you are entitled to compensation for damage, even for non-refundable tickets, and any baggage fees that you made,” the US Department of Transportation explains.

Each carrier has a cancellation policy. Contact your airline for rules. In addition, for warranties, you can:

Buy tickets from a travel agent

It comes to pay a little more, maybe for 20 or 30 dollars. But a good agent monitors your route and, if your flight is canceled, rewrites you on another flight while you are still on the way.

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You can safely transfer from the plane to your next flight, while your fellow travelers will deal with the airline.

Consider Travel Insurance

This can be a very profitable investment. Airlines are more likely to comply with insurance only if you cancel the coverage for reasons such as emergency medical care or the death of a family member.

Receive early warnings

Download your airline’s app to your phone and sign up for flight notifications. Make sure the airline has your phone number and email address.

The sooner you learn about troubles, the faster you can act.

Get a rebook

Line up at a customer service desk and simultaneously call your toll-free airline number. Try rebooking your flight to fly to your current airline or another.

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Stay open to alternatives

When reserving, try other airports or other cities near your destination. Say Amtrak, buses and even car rental.

Try to stay kind

When asking for help from airline staff, remember that the problem arose not through their fault. Try to be kind.

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