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Revelations of a Belarusian from Wall Street: “I adored my job until my clients lost 17 million dollars”

33-year-old Yaroslav from Grodno emigrated to America 11 years ago. Unshakable self-confidence helped the Belarusian become a Wall Street broker - the main street of the US Financial District.

An unshakable self-confidence helped the Belarusian to become a broker from Wall Street - the main street of the US Financial District. Photo: personal archive

"Mid-sized companies on Wall Street are puffing up people"

В Grodno Yaroslav graduated from school with in-depth study of English. Then he entered the BSTU on the Faculty of Engineering and Economics. But after the third year I decided to move to USA.

- I felt sad in Belarus. And when I began to get involved in the economy, I realized that my dream was to work in the US stock market. After two years of life in the States decided to take off in NewYork and as soon as he moved, he set himself a goal - to work on Wall Street. I found a company that sponsored my training and obtaining the necessary license to work. So began my career on Wall Street ... At first I was a trader (seller of stocks, bonds, etc. - Ed.). The company gave me money, and I invested it in stocks. I did great, and so I became a financial consultant. I had a 7 subordinate and my secretary. But then I was advised to become a broker, as in this area you could earn more, - says KP.

To become a broker in one of the investment banks, Yaroslav worked 6 days a week for 10 hours a day.

- And that was my mistake- surprised Jaroslav. - I no longer worked with the funds of companies, but worked with real people who trusted me a lot of money. But 6 May 2010, the stock market collapsed. He understood that he had set up many people, pressed them to put up money. But in the end, my clients lost 17 millions of dollars. This is not a very clean business. I played with other people's money, and by and large the stock price that I offered to my clients always went down after a while. The average companies on Wall Street inflate people, honestly only such mastodons work, like Goldman Sachs (one of the world's largest investment banks in New York. - Auth.). I was tortured conscience, so I left. Although it earned $ 180 000 per year.

Today, a former broker not only paints pictures, but also launched his PredotorNYC clothing line. Photo: personal archive

- Does anyone else besides me surprise that a Belarusian guy got to Wall Street so easily?

- Did not feel any discomfort that I am not a Native American. I am very self-confident, even selfish. Frankly, at first it was not so easy, but if you show the result, the authorities do not care where you come from. Of course, there are always people who will put pressure on your shortcomings, but I managed to build a wall in front of the envious. If you occupy a serious position, you constantly want to move, weave intrigues. Even now, when I have an American passport, living in the United States is not easy. You need to be stronger than all this.

“And how are these guys from Wall Street the same smug, loose dudes, like the movies show?”

Yes (laughs). Everyone in New York is like a movie. I will never forget how once my boss and I entered a sullen building two streets off Wall Street, and there we found a luxurious privileged private club. We first had lunch, and then there was a presentation of the company that entered the stock market. Anyone could buy her stock at a reduced price. Such closed clubs where ordinary people do not have access, in New York a lot. When you reach the heights, such communities of the powerful are opening up before you that blows the head off! Just imagine that my boss once spent $ 186 000 at a party overnight.

After the stock exchange went into art

On Wall Street, Yaroslav worked 4 of the year, and after he left the investment bank, he decided to open a New York Dog House restaurant in New York with several friends.

- My share in this business was small - only 10%. And the restaurant business after the stock exchange seemed to me boring. Therefore, I decided to do art - I began to paint. I can not say that it was a radically new direction for me, from the 9 class I was fond of it as a hobby. And already my first pictures were appreciated by the owner of the Agora Gallery Gallery in New York, Angela de Bello. She is engaged in the selection of works of art for investment banks. And precisely because I came out of this industry, Angela paid attention to me. As a result, she organized an exhibition in Челси - art district Manhattan. There were my works and paintings by four more artists. One of my paintings was bought immediately for 17 thousand dollars. Now it is located in one of the buildings on Fifth Avenue - the most expensive street in New York, - says Jaroslav.

After a successful start, a novice artist was invited to exhibit at Monaco. There he sold another of his work. It is a paradox, but Yaroslav himself does not consider himself to be an artistic movement.

- In recent years, I did not go to galleries, museums and read nothing about artists. I was afraid that they would penetrate my head. And instead of expressing myself, I will distortly reproduce their art. I allowed to give my head complete freedom. My art is an expression of my gross male feelings. True, many gallery owners and artists compare me with Wassily Kandinsky - the founder of abstractionism.

Today, the former broker not only paints pictures, but also launched his PredotorNYC clothing line (from the English “predator of New York”).

- Art and fashion always go together. I created my paint with the addition of gold (powder made of gold), invented my own symbol and now put it on my clothes. I invent the models myself and order from designers from New York. My first show was held in San Diego at the International Fashion Film Awards (International Fashion Film Festival). In the future, I plan to open my own studio in order not to use the services of designers, ”explains Yaroslav.

By the way, after 9 years of living in New York, the artist-designer left for Key West on Key West - an island and the city of the same name in the southernmost point of the United States. Here Yaroslav also works as an art gallery director.

Belorus created his paint with the addition of gold (powder made of gold), invented his symbol and now puts it on clothes. Photo: personal archive

“In Belarus, people cannot set themselves up for happiness”

- Yaroslav, you are so easily switched from one sphere to another. How do you make it all happen?

- It all depends on the motivation. A person must be positive and set himself up on what he wants to achieve. Do not be distracted by trifles. You have no idea how much hardship I incurred in order to concentrate on writing pictures. I think that I have a gift and I must realize it ...

I will not hide that at the time of brokerage, I loved to pokutit: clubs, bars, parties. I had a lot of girls. But now I have not met with anyone for more than a year. I limit myself to food, I have not eaten meat for a long time, I go in for sports.

- And alcohol?

- Alcohol inspires (joking). I recently read that a man lived for 256 for years - he drank herbal tinctures and rice wine. I have long noticed that after the usual meal I feel weakness, apathy. Therefore, I thought about what products can benefit the body. For example, rice has all the necessary substances for a complete diet. Of course, I do not want to live 256 for years. But now I am conducting an experiment - trying to refuse food and eat herbs. I plan to make rice wine.

Jaroslav clarified that he also became a Buddhist. Without going into details, he only noted that the practices of Buddhism allowed him to clear his head of evil thoughts. And now he is satisfied with life.

- In Belarus, was only once in these 11 years. I say that I really liked it. But since I grew up there, I was about to imagine what awaits me. And you know what I noticed? - suddenly asked Yaroslav.

- intriguing ...

- Buddhism talks about the countries of the 12 world where people are sent to understand themselves better. These countries include all former Soviet republics. So I want to say: everything is in our head. And everyone determines what his life will be. In America, all people are happy. They set themselves up to be happy. And from this comes happiness - that is, happiness is born in you. You kind of create an illusion in your head that you are a happy person, and then you become one in the real world. In Belarus, people do not understand this, and this is a problem ...

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