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Revelation of the immigrant: to get rid of nostalgia, you need 7 years

Photo: from personal archive

Anastasia Yatsuk was born in Hungary, she spent most of her life in Russia, the last 8 lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. A year ago, Anastasia received American citizenship, in October 2016 of the year released her own line of clothing under the brand TextileHaus and does not intend to stop there.

About life in Russia and emigration to the USA

My dad was a military man, and our family had to move from place to place. At the end of the 80s, he was sent to Hungary for the year 2. There, my mother found out she was pregnant, and in October 1989, I was born in Debrecen. A few months after my birth, we returned to Russia.

Childhood was spent in a small town near Belgorod, with the exception of rare trips to Ukraine and on holiday in Turkey.

After finishing 10 class, I began to prepare for entering Moscow. I wanted to apply to the theatrical university, or to the faculty of journalism, plus I started to study English, because I always had problems with the language.

I was a restless child: I constantly needed to run somewhere, it was difficult to get together and learn a foreign one in the end.

As a result, I failed the English exam, was upset and applied to the Faculty of Journalism at BelSU (Belgorod State National Research University).

Photo: from personal archive

In general, it was interesting to study, but I was bored and crowded in the city. In the first year I learned about the student program. Work and TravelAt the beginning of the second semester, I started preparing the documents and in May 2008 flew to the USA.

A trip to America attracted by its novelty. It seemed to me: "Now I will come and take care of everything on the spot."

Cultural shock, oddly enough, was not, but the awareness and understanding of what is actually happening, came later.

The first summer in America was held under the auspices of carelessness and unbridled fun. I learned English, I worked a lot, and as such, the difficulties were simply not felt.

However, when everyone who was next to me left, I realized that I was left alone.

Why did I decide to stay? I began to earn good money to provide for myself.

At that time, my parents were divorcing, the situation in the family was rather tense, and besides, like most of the students, I was financially dependent. I understood that my mother would be able to pay for my studies, but not more.

About studying at an American university, loneliness and adaptation

Having made a rather difficult decision, I stayed in America and applied to the school of foreign languages ​​for a program English is the second language. At the same time I began to collect a package of documents to the university, believing that it would take a lot of time.

It was not difficult to act, I would only note that the process of admission to an American university is radically different from “ours”. If in the Russian Federation you are warned that further steps are waiting for you and explain you, then you had to delve into it yourself, and any questions on my part were perceived rather strangely.

In 2010, I entered the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. At that time I decided to leave journalism and took a course in sculpture ... and I did not lose! After the second semester, transferred to the program Fine Art, and in 2014, received a Bachelor of Arts degree.

It is curious that teachers look not only at the result, the concept is important for them.

In other words: in Russia, for example, you can get a credit for visiting and availability of notes, there is no such thing here. The professors during their studies constantly asked us: “For whom do you create this or a sculpture? Who is your audience? ”

It was a pleasure to study, but at that moment other difficulties arose: it seemed to me that those around me did not understand and did not perceive me as I was. Difficulties in communication, perhaps due to differences in mentality.

Once I heard behind my back from one of the students: “When I speak, she doesn’t understand anything at all”. Such moments, seemingly small and insignificant, make us vulnerable, lie deep, and you realize that nobody is there, and support has remained somewhere on the other side of the ocean.

Then I gave myself the installation to break away from the Russian-speaking community and finally launch the integration process. I had a close friend, Britney, who introduced me to her friends. Over time, awkward pauses in communication ceased to arise in my life, and again I felt like a part of society. Art at that time helped me not only to cope with circumstances, but also to express myself.

Many emigrants continue to boil in a Russian-speaking boiler just because it is convenient. I realized that I needed to get out of my comfort zone in order to finally synchronize with the environment.

Toward the end of university, I was invited to the project of curators called Additional... We arranged various performances, held all kinds of exhibitions and events - in a word, we did everything that could come to mind.

Photo: from personal archive

At the same time, I continued to look for myself, even managed to apply for a grant from the Fulbright program in Germany, pull up my German, flew to Berlin, but they refused. Then I was upset, but now I understand: "Everything that is done is all for the best."

On a new stage in the life and launch of your brand

One day my professor addressed his friends through Facebook, asking if they know anyone who can sew a raincoat for him. I remembered how my mother taught me this craft, and wrote to him that she was ready to help.

I didn’t sleep at night, tried hard, and in the end I sewed my first red jacket. The result exceeded all expectations: my teacher not only paid for the work, but also began to recommend me to his colleagues.

I suddenly realized that I wanted to be engaged in tailoring professionally, but for the beginning I decided to find a job that will contribute to my further growth.

I sent more than a dozen resumes, and finally I received a call from the company Jos. A. Bank and invited to an interview, warning that they would have to demonstrate their talents on the spot.

I remember how I was told at the end of the meeting: “You have absolutely no experience, you cannot do anything, but we are ready to teach you everything.” As a result, everything that was necessary to master in Jos. A. BankI learned in two weeks.

A little later, I brought my work to automatism, and in the remaining time I drew sketches, sewed dresses and bore the most unexpected images in my head.

Over time, I began to think about the idea of ​​creating my own clothing line: a brand called “ Textilehaus.

Photo: from personal archive

Everything went on as usual, but one day I broke my leg. For almost a month, I lay in bed and realized that I was ahead of the locomotive and it’s time to stop and think carefully about everything that is happening.

I thought about what my company should be, what help I would need, what my responsibilities would be and caught myself thinking that I didn’t understand a damn thing in business.

The question was where to get money for launching the brand, and I decided to apply for First batch - a local accelerator involved in the development of startups in the field of creating physical products. Each year, the organizers select 8 projects that are being financially supported in the amount of $ 10 000. Incredibly, a month later I learned that I had won a grant.

During the 5 months that the internship lasted, I transferred my thoughts to paper, flew to New York for textiles and accessories, prepared a lookbook, and most importantly, I released my first collection of clothes.

If I had stayed in Berlin then, these five months would not have happened, which radically changed my life.

About nostalgia for home and travel to Russia

Despite the fact that I got used to constantly somewhere to run, now I want to stop and get to grips with the business. I admit, all these years I missed Russia.

However, a year ago I realized that I was right where I should be, I found myself, my job, I am surrounded by people who are ready to help, believe in what I am doing. Nostalgia for Russia passed after 7 years of life in the United States.

I love to be in Belgorod, to spend time with my relatives, I damn not enough of my crazy (in a good way) Russian friends. However, after a few weeks, I am ready to return: whatever one may say, my home is here in Cincinnati.

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