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Father forced daughter to sign an agreement that she would 'never get fat' and bullied other children

A sports-obsessed father forced his daughter to sign a life contract, where she pledged to "never get fat." As a result, he was sent to prison for 2,5 years. The edition told in more detail with the BBC.

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As it turned out, 56-year-old Rashid Hadley from Britain had been brutally beating and manipulating his three children for many years.

He was found guilty of assault and abuse of children who are now adults. Hadley has been identified as a fitness and diet obsession.

He forced his daughter to sign a document stating that she would "play a lot of sports" and "never get better right up to her death."

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Attorney Alex Krickler told the court that Hadley, among other things, threw a chair at his nine-year-old daughter, resulting in a keloid in her ear, requiring "numerous operations and treatment."

“She said that her father’s behavior made her feel worthless and stupid,” the prosecutor explained. “Therefore, she developed neurosis and indigestion.”

Lost childhood

The unfortunate father severely punished his three children for the slightest offenses. He kicked them, beat them, sometimes even with chairs.

He also decided what children can eat, what clothes to wear, what programs to watch and with whom to communicate.

Hadley didn’t hold back in his expressions either. He constantly called his children stupid and incompetent.

What this tyrant was doing was revealed in 2019, when his teenage son told police that his father nearly strangled him and punched him.

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The eldest son also testified. He stated that as a result of the violence, which began when he was five years old, he developed "long-term mental health problems."

He described his father as an intelligent person who "calculates his every step."

The son said that such treatment in the family led to the fact that he was bullied at school, but it "was nothing compared to what happened at home."

Hadley was found guilty of assault with bodily harm and child abuse. He completely denies his guilt.

Announcing the verdict, Judge Kirsty Real emphasized that with his many years of harshness the defendant "ruined his childhood for his children."

“You behaved like a bandit and you don’t want to admit it,” concluded the judge.

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