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Relax for body and mind: 13 of the most beautiful hot spring resorts in the United States

No matter the time of year, natural hot springs across the United States offer soothing healing waters in some of America's most majestic scenic settings, reports OnlyInYourState.

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There are hot springs scattered throughout America that are suitable for any type of relaxation: a quick dip after a hike or a luxurious spa treatment.

1. Yellowstone Hot Springs - Montana

Address: Yellowstone Hot Springs, 24 E Gate Rd, Gardiner, MT, 59030.

Access: The springs are open Wednesday through Sunday, and daily admission costs were $12 for adults 12 and older, $8 for children 4–12, and free for children 3 and under.

Where to stay nearby: stay in a charming house in Gardiner, which will become a wonderful “base” for your adventures!

Excelsior Geyser Crater at Yellowstone National Park, undoubtedly the most famous hot spring in America, is a must-list item. While Yellowstone Hot Springs extend into Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, it is in Montana that you will find Yellowstone Hot Springs, just a short drive from Yellowstone National Park.

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This geothermal pool, unlike any other in the world, with mineral-rich springs, is sure to ease all your body aches and pains.

2. Iron Mountain Hot Springs - Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Address: Iron Mountain Hot Springs, 281 Centennial ST, Glenwood Springs, Co, 81601.

Access: Iron Mountain Hot Springs is open from 9 a.m. to 00 p.m. daily. Prices range from $22 to $00 per ticket depending on the time of day and day of the week.

Where to stay nearby: this Colorado city has a lot of housing, and places like this cozy lodge in Glenwood Springs, just perfect!

Iron Mountain Hot Springs, a luxury destination in Colorado, has 16 stunning geothermal pools. This location is located along the beautiful Colorado River in Glenwood Springs and is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, which are calming and inspiring. The resort also has a small freshwater swimming pool, which is 34C and ideal for families.

Towel tree sculptures at each pool, changing rooms with complimentary shower facilities, and a restaurant serving food and drinks make this a great place to relax and rejuvenate.

3.Radium Hot Springs – Kremmling, Colorado

Address: Kremmling, Co, 80459.

Access: Radium Hot Springs is a simple warm spring pool located on the banks of the Colorado River. These hot springs are free to visit and open all year round.

Where to stay nearby: visit a nearby Gore Pass Cabin in Kremmling in Kremmling, Colorado.

Near the Colorado River southwest of Kremmling, Colorado lies the famous Radium Hot Springs. Although they are not as famous as some of Colorado's other hot springs, Radium Hot Springs offers an equally enchanting experience that is sure to relax your mind and body.

These sources can be visited for free. Those willing to go on a little adventure will be richly rewarded, as these secluded springs are surrounded by some of the most stunning mountain scenery in the area.

4. Travertine Hot Springs - Bridgeport, California

Address: Travertine Hot Springs, Bridgeport, CA, 93517.

Access: Accessing these remote hot springs requires a 17-mile round trip. Visitors are encouraged to park at Twin Lakes in Bridgeport, California. There is a $10 entry fee and can get crowded on weekends.

Where to stay nearby: Immerse yourself in luxury (literally!) by booking this stunning lake house.

If swimming in 48C water and gazing at the majestic Sierra sounds like your dream, just head to Travertine Hot Springs.

Travertine Hot Springs are located in a California State Park just off Highway 395 and are worth seeking out. These little bubbling pools are spectacular and the perfect stop after a long day of hiking through the wilds of California.

5. Burgdorf Hot Springs – McCall, Idaho

Address: Burgdorf Hot Springs, 404 French Creek, McCall, ID, 83638.

Access: Open by reservation only. Reservations can be made online 90 days in advance. Please note that in winter (December-April) access is only possible by snowmobile, however in summer (June-October) the hot springs can be accessed by car via Warren Wagon Road.

Where to stay nearby: Burgfort Hot Springs offers several cabana rentals that give guests 90-hour access to the pool. Reservations are accepted no later than XNUMX days in advance.

Idaho may be the most underrated state in the country. Not only is it incredibly beautiful, but it is also a real treasure trove of hot springs. And the most famous of them is Burgdorf Hot Springs. This resort in McCall, Idaho has something for everyone, with two hot pools averaging 45C, plus a smaller pool that's perfect for kids.

This hotel definitely has a rustic feel to it. The cabins are comfortable, but you'll need to bring your own linens, and the resort is only accessible by snowmobile in winter. The effort is worth it, though, as Burgdorf Hot Springs offers guests a rare opportunity to truly get away and relax.

6. Riverbend Hot Springs – Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Address: Riverbend Hot Springs, 100 Austin St, Truth or Consequences, NM, 87901/li>.

Access: Several day passes are available, but note that reservations must be made in advance.

Where to stay nearby: enjoy a quiet and relaxing holiday right here! Choose from several unique room options to suit different tastes and budgets. All rooms are non-smoking and include free use of the Common Hot Springs pools and grounds during pool hours. Private swimming pools can be booked at an additional cost.

Riverbend Hot Springs is one of New Mexico's most spectacular treasures, offering visitors a unique opportunity to admire the magnificent Rio Grande while they swim. In fact, it is the only hot springs resort located along the mighty Rio Grande River, a region of unparalleled natural beauty.

These hot springs have long been considered sacred by the Apache and Mimbres tribes of southern New Mexico. Natural mineral waters are believed to have therapeutic properties and detoxifying abilities. These geothermal waters offer a truly tranquil experience, so even if you're not staying overnight at the hotel, these therapeutic pools are absolutely worth booking for at least a day.

7. Dunton Hot Springs – Dunton, Colorado

Address: 8532 Road 38, Rico, CO, 81332.

Access: There are five ways to take a dip in Dunton Hot Springs geothermal waters, which range in temperature from 29C to 46C. You can spend time inside the restored 19th-century plunge pool, under the stars at the spring, in the pool outside the plunge pool, in the pool behind the Dunton Store lodge or inside the lodge Well House.

Where to stay nearby: Dunton Hot Springs is a one-of-a-kind destination in Colorado that boasts a very impressive list of amenities and attractions. They will turn you into a lover of “glamping” (outdoor recreation with all the amenities and full hotel services).

Its rooms are beautifully restored (and in many cases hand-built) log cabins, expertly designed and located just steps from the resort grounds. There are six beautiful swimming pools with all-natural mineral water, spa treatments and a number of recreational opportunities for guests, such as horseback riding and hiking trails.

Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado has been named one of the best in the country, a title well deserved. The springs offer guests a variety of geothermal pools in the most ideal setting imaginable. What makes this glamping resort even more magical is that guests can relax in the plunge pool, in the outdoor pool, or book the Well House to enjoy the private hot springs. Experience the beautiful Colorado wilderness in your very own geothermal hot tub!

8. Diamond Fork Hot Springs – Springville, Utah

Address: Diamond Fork Rd, Springville, UT, 84663.

Access: The 7 km hike takes visitors to a scenic hot spring and waterfall in a forested area. Accessible year-round, but in winter you may need snowshoes to access the springs and a four-wheel drive vehicle to access the trailhead.

Where to stay nearby: travel 2,5 hours to Monroe, Utah and stay right at the Mystic Hot Springs Resort, which in itself is a worthy romantic getaway for those who want comfort.

Diamond Fork Hot Springs in Utah is nothing short of magical. In this area you will find several swimming pools as well as a magnificent waterfall. These hot springs, with their vibrant blue and emerald green waters, look like something out of a fairytale and are a wonderful reward at the end of a strenuous hike.

9. Chena Hot Springs Resort – Fairbanks, Alaska

Address: Chena Hot Springs, AK, 99712.

Access: The springs are open daily and tickets to swim in the springs are available for those not staying overnight.

Where to stay nearby: when visiting this hot springs resort, you'll have a variety of accommodation options ranging from cabins, suites, yurts, and campsites!

Chena Hot Springs Resort, located on the Last Frontier, is a place that words (and photos) cannot describe. While this Fairbanks resort offers activities throughout the year, nothing beats visiting during the winter. Because during this season, hot springs offer a cozy respite from the cold—and you might even be able to see the northern lights while you take a dip.

10. Calistoga Spa Hot Springs – Calistoga, California

Address: Calistoga Spa Hot Springs, 1006 Washington St, Calistoga, CA, 94515.

Access: Resort guests have access to the mineral pools, and spa lovers can purchase a day pass for an additional fee.

Where to stay nearby: stay here! This resort has several well-appointed rooms.

Northern California is not only home to some of the most amazing vineyards and wineries in the country, it is also a place of great scenic splendor and natural wonders. Calistoga Spa Hot Springs, located in the Napa Valley, is known for its abundant geothermal pools and hot springs.

Several resorts in the area have mineral pools where visitors can enjoy warm water. For example, Calistoga Spa Hot Springs features four geothermal mineral pools, including a hot Jacuzzi and a warm lap pool.

Swimming in these springs and admiring the stunning Northern California scenery is sure to relieve all your stress.

11. Wilbur Hot Springs Resort – Williams, California

Address: Wilbur Hot Springs, 3375 Wilbur Springs RD, Williams, CA, 95987.

Access: Due to remote location, confirmed reservation is required.

Where to stay nearby: Guests can choose from several accommodation options. All cabins have a double bed and a bathroom.

Another Northern California treasure, Wilbur Hot Springs Resort is located in the incredible California countryside. In addition to its vast scenic beauty, Wilbur Hot Springs Resort is unique in that it is a completely self-contained luxury spa. The local waters are said to have healing properties.

Swimming in the healing waters and contemplating the vast expanses of California is a rewarding and life-affirming experience. This nature reserve is sure to revitalize you from the inside out. All you have to do is come, disconnect and let go of all your problems!

12. Castle Hot Springs - Morristown, Arizona

Address: Castle Hot Springs, AZ, 85342.

Access: Amenities at Castle Hot Springs are available to overnight guests only. They currently do not offer restaurant or resort day passes to maintain peace of mind for their guests.

Where to stay nearby: Castle Hot Springs offers well-appointed bungalows, cottages and cabins.

Castle Hot Springs will forever change your view of Arizona, a state known for its arid desert landscapes. This fabulous Arizona hot springs resort offers every conceivable amenity you'd expect from an all-inclusive resort: chef-driven meals, exclusive access to the springs, and organized activities like guided hikes and farm tours.

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Of course, the main attraction is the springs, and they do not disappoint. Several secluded pools are located throughout Castle Hot Springs. You are almost guaranteed to have a completely unique and enjoyable bathing experience.

13. Lithia Springs Resort & Wine Garden – Ashland, Oregon

Address: 2165 W Jackson Rd, Ashland, OR, 97520.

Access: Resort amenities for guests include a seasonal outdoor salt-water pool and Jacuzzi, beautifully landscaped gardens, complimentary hot breakfast buffet and afternoon tea treats.

Where to stay nearby: Stay in one of 38 rooms, from studios to bungalows, at Lithia Springs Resort & Wine Garden.

Lithia Springs in Oregon is a place that needs no introduction; This direction has long been famous for its healing properties. Located in the unique little town of Ashland, this resort's outdoor saltwater pool is ideal for swimming. And during the warmer months, relaxing by the pool may be just what you need to unwind from the stress of everyday life.

This resort has 38 rooms, and almost every room has its own bathtub filled with healing mineral waters. The area has a long history of providing recreation and healing to local residents. Native Americans and early settlers loved the springs around Ashland for their healing properties for arthritis, skin conditions and muscle pain. You can enjoy these magical mineral waters from the comfort of your room for ultimate relaxation, rejuvenation and rejuvenation.

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