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From California to New York: New Arctic Storm Brings Extreme Cold

Do not get used to the mild weather that comes this weekend. Next week there will be another Arctic storm that will bring extremely cold temperatures to parts of America.

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On the morning of Friday, December 6, storm warnings were issued from Oregon to California, reports ABC News.

On Friday evening, heavy northern rain will pass in the northern part of the San Francisco Bay. Perhaps a flash flood, there is a threat of landslides.

From Friday evening to Saturday evening, heavy rain will spread most of the west coast from Seattle to San Diego, but there will be no flood threat in these areas, as in Northern California.

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Very heavy snow is expected in the mountains, especially on the Sierra Nevada ridge, where 4 feet (1,2 meters) of snow are expected.

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By Sunday, a storm system will cross the Rocky Mountains, leading to heavy snowfall from Colorado to Montana.

By Sunday evening and Monday, the storm system will rebuild on the Plains and join another system arriving from Canada.

Further south, heavy rain is expected from Chicago to Atlanta. On Monday late in the morning and afternoon, it will rain in Washington, DC, and New York.

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Actual temperatures will drop below zero Fahrenheit (-17 Celsius).

According to AccuWeather, with the advent of cold air, temperatures are projected to drop sharply by 30 degrees per day in central states from the Great Lakes to the southern plains, writes USA Today.

"It is expected that at the beginning of next week very low temperatures will fall on the northern plains and in the upper Midwest, and on Wednesday it will be the lowest," the National Meteorological Service said.

The weather is likely to be the coldest this season.

According to forecasts, in the east, air temperature may drop sharply on Tuesday and Wednesday, when the Arctic front passes.

In New York, temperatures will not rise above zero Fahrenheit by next Thursday. Up to 40 Fahrenheit (+ 4 Celsius) expected in Arkansas, Tennessee and the South

In states such as Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. most snow will fall.

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