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You can now learn the prestigious specialty of a nurse to work in the USA remotely

The Registered Nurse profession in the USA is in demand and well paid. However, the level of responsibility of such specialists is very high, so they have to study for years, and in order to obtain a license to work, they pass the difficult NCLEX-RN test. Many immigrants with medical degrees would like to continue working in the United States according to their calling.

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Those who came to the country with a nursing diploma have the opportunity to evaluate their diploma without additional training, get a permit and pass an exam (preparing for it) to obtain a Registered Nurse license.

Now thanks to the assistance of the company KYG Consulting Inc. medical professionals of other specialties had a wonderful opportunity to get a bachelor's degree in nursing. The company helps doctors and paramedics register and draw up documents for training at Ternopol National Medical University named after I.Ya. Gorbachevsky. After graduating from a university, a bachelor’s nurse diploma entitles you to take the NCLEX-RN exam in the USA to receive a Registered Nurse license and work in America in this specialty in various medical institutions across the country.

Ternopol National Medical University offers high-quality remote access to educational programs for obtaining a diploma Bachelor in Nursing (BSN)... This training format is especially convenient now - in conditions of quarantine and closed borders.

Distance learning allows each student to draw up a personal study schedule, starting from his employment, while providing quality knowledge and a diploma that is recognized in the United States.

To ensure distance education, Ternopil University has a special program. Teachers involved in teaching underwent special training courses for effective work on such a learning scheme. In addition, they are all university teachers who have confirmed their high professionalism and have many years of experience in training doctors.

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Having enrolled in a remote BSN program at Ternopil University, each student receives a login and password for access to the resources of the university’s web portal. Communication between a student of a distance learning form and a university is carried out through an electronic mail box. It receives detailed information on the educational process, announcements and news of the educational institution.

In addition, through this portal, the student has access to text and audio lectures. The level of assimilation of the material is checked using periodic tests, and your questions can be asked during regular video communication sessions with teachers. At the end of each semester, you must pass a semester final exam, which is also held in a distance form. And only at the end of the last semester an examination committee arrives from Ukraine to the United States to receive final exams. The duration of the nursing bachelor's course is one year and ten months (four semesters).

On the subject: How to get a US Nurse license

Upon completion of the full course of study at Ternopil University, the student receives a diploma and an application (academic certificate) to him, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. This document paves the way for him to obtain a Registered Nurse license in the United States. Company KYG Consulting Inc. assists graduates at all stages of obtaining a license: from the evaluation of the diploma and obtaining permission to take the NCLEX-RN exam, to the very process of preparing for the exam.

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Advantages of the distance learning program at Ternopil University:

  • Quality. With over 50 years of experience in training high-class medical specialists, today Ternopil Medical University is one of the best medical educational institutions in Ukraine and the only one that offers a distance education program for nursing in Russian, Ukrainian and English. The professionalism of the teachers and staff of the university provides the highest level of teaching.
  • Convenience. Distance learning allows you to study at your own pace at a convenient time for the student.
  • Flexibility. Classes are held on a flexible schedule, which allows students to not stop working while studying.

Take advantage of distance learning and advisory programs company services KYG Consulting Inc. and get a nursing education by learning when and where you are comfortable.

For more information check the KYG Consulting Inc website:, contact by phone 212-619-2280 or by e-mail:

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