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Will Trump Stop Childbirth Touring?

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Women from all over the world fly to the United States to have a baby in good conditions and give him American citizenship. Photo:

After the election of Donald Trump as president of America, childbirth tourism may be threatened. During the election campaign, a businessman repeatedly stated that he wanted to repeal the 14 amendment to the Constitution, according to which all children born in the United States receive American citizenship. ForumDaily figured out whether our people would stop flying to give birth in America and what will happen to this business if Trump implements his statement.

America VS Russia

Irina from Moscow gave birth to her first child in Russia. She came to Miami in 2014 for her second birth. He plans to give birth to a third child in the USA in a year or two. She follows the statements of Trump, who wants to cancel the right of the soil. It is recognized: even if it can be done, it will still give birth in America.

“Russians who have money are not as mercantile as people think of them. First of all, people go to the United States to give birth because of the high quality of services and services, and only secondly, because of citizenship. It is elementary pleasant when they smile at you and ask you 100 times a day if everything is fine with you. I gave birth to my first child in a good Moscow hospital, and I have something to compare with. In Moscow, they were rude to me, refused to fulfill my requests, did not let my husband come to see me, although we paid 60 thousand rubles (about $ 940) for the contract. Whatever Trump does, I will earn money and come to the United States to give birth 3 times, ”the woman says emotionally.

In American clinics offer excellent service for women in labor. Photo:

In American clinics offer excellent service for women in labor. Photo:

Irina is one of tens of thousands of women who come to America to give birth every year. How many of them are there - there are no official statistics. However, according to the Center for Migration Research, every year about 36 thousand tourists travel to the United States for childbirth. Among them there are many residents of China, Taiwan, Nigeria, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey and Russia.

Some of them remain in the country illegally with a child, a US citizen, hoping over time to get under an immigration amnesty, someone leaves home. Naturally, people with a US passport can return to the United States at any time, receiving all the rights owed to a citizen, including the right to free schooling, state aid and scholarships. And on reaching 21, they can easily make a green card to their parents.

Soil right

There are no laws that would forbid anyone from coming to give birth in the United States. "There is nothing in the law that makes it illegal for pregnant women to enter the United States," says Virginia Kais, a spokesman for the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement in an interview. Voice of America... “It’s a crime to give a false target when trying to get an American visa,” she adds.

It is this simplicity in obtaining the American citizenship so desired by many that has repeatedly become a stumbling block. The 14-I amendment to the Constitution, adopted almost 150 years ago, provided for the rights and citizenship of African-American slaves, but over time they began to be interpreted fairly freely.

Donald Trump wants to revoke the 14 Amendment to the Constitution. Photo:

Donald Trump wants to revoke the 14 Amendment to the Constitution. Photo:

During his election campaign, Donald Trump actively opposed this law and, after taking office, threatened to expel the children of illegal immigrants to their historical homeland. The motive is to end up with the influx of illegal immigrants who give birth to the United States, stay, and then apply for social assistance. Before Trump, in 2010, influential congressmen from the Republican Party - John McCain, John Kyle, Jeff Sessions and Lindsay Graham - wanted to remove this amendment, but their intentions remained only intentions.

Information: The United States is not the only country in which citizenship is received by right of soil. A similar law applies in Brazil, Canada, Chile and more than in Latin American 20 countries. Even 16 years ago, citizenship by right of soil was given in Ireland, but in a referendum in 2004, the Irish people voted to toughen this law, and since then a child born in Ireland receives foreign citizenship from a country if one of the parents has 4 years, prior to birth, legally resided in the state for at least 3 of the year.

Childbirth in Miami

In Miami, which has become the epicenter of childbirth tourism for immigrants from the post-Soviet space, politicians are calm about conversations. A number of clinics here specialize in accompanying childbirth and providing medical services specifically for Russian speakers. When the doctor and the client speak the same language, it is easier for a pregnant woman to talk about her condition, problems and it is easier to discuss preparation for childbirth. Most often, tourists from the countries of the former CIS arrive in Miami in the third trimester for up to 6 months (the maximum time for a single entry on a tourist visa). Thus, the management of pregnancy in the last stages completely falls on the shoulders of the local doctor.

For pregnant women in the United States are always treated favorably. Photo: from the personal archive of SVM-MED

SVM-MED assumes that not everyone comes to the United States solely because of the opportunity to obtain American citizenship for a newborn. Photo: from the personal archive of SVM-MED

SVM-MED - One of the leading medical centers in Miami, which deals with obstetrics, urogynecology, minimally invasive surgery, laser surgery, liposuction and cosmetology. The clinic believes in the stability of the American constitution and does not expect any changes in their work.

“We are sure that it is practically impossible to cancel the 14th amendment to the Constitution. America is a country with an overwhelming majority of immigrants. American citizenship by right of soil is acquired by 61,3% of migrants and only 38,7% of the population here are Native Americans. Even if we allow the cancellation of the 14th amendment, then the geopolitical factor will turn on - the death rate will exceed the birth rate, which is absolutely unacceptable for such a superpower as the United States. Besides, the president's desire alone is not enough. To amend the law or introduce a new amendment for consideration, it must be voted for by the vast majority of Congress and the Senate, as well as at least 38 US states, "- shares his thoughts on the support and consultation specialist of the medical center SVM-MED Alena Bondar.

However, the clinic suggests that not everyone comes to the United States solely because of the opportunity to obtain American citizenship for a newborn. For good reasons - the favorable climate, the proximity of the ocean, clean beaches - and this is a great place to start a baby's life and work his immunity. They say in the center: they offer a high level of medicine, plus a lot of additional services for pregnant women, from renting an apartment and a car for a required period to providing mobile communications and the Internet. Therefore, they believe that regardless of the political situation in the country, they will always have clients.

“Pregnancy is stressful. When a pregnant woman flies to a city unfamiliar to her, she needs help. After all, you need to solve many everyday issues - from renting an apartment and a car to buying a telephone with a cellular connection. Each question has its own nuances. Most often, tourists do not know English enough to easily solve any everyday issues, and we come to their aid, ”says Alena Bondar.

Women who have arrived to give birth to their clinic have the opportunity to understand how their births will take place before day X. Tours to the hospital are held for this, where you can sign an agreement, see the delivery room, rooms for babies and find out how the birth process goes.

Mariana services are in demand in Miami. Photo: from the personal archive of Mariana Bubuchi

Mariana services are in demand in Miami. Photo: from the personal archive of Mariana Bubuchi

Maryanu Bubuchi from the center SVM-MED know many patients, both in the American and in the Russian community. She is an absolute professional in her field. Trump's initiative is calm. While there is no action on the part of the authorities in this direction, the clinic even announced a large-scale discount program for one of the most popular service packages.

“Our medical center offers pregnancy and childbirth support at a fixed cost based on several packages - natural birth up to 32 weeks, natural birth after 32 weeks and high-risk pregnancies after 32 weeks. Each package includes a meeting at the airport, a trip to the hospital to conclude a contract, pregnancy monitoring, scheduled visits, tests and ultrasound, transportation for childbirth, postpartum examination. Plus, from now until March 8, 2017, we have a special offer - for natural childbirth after 32 weeks, you can pay only $ 3500, ”says Mariana Bubuchia.

Dr. Bubuchya on operations. Photo: from the personal archive of Mariana Bubuchi

Dr. Bubuchya on operations. Photo: from the personal archive of Mariana Bubuchi

Legal issue

Famous Immigration Lawyer Ilona Dzhamgarova 16 has been operating in the USA for years. She assures that there is nothing illegal in coming to give birth in the United States. Another thing - what reason the tourist calls the consul at an interview for obtaining a tourist visa B1 / B2.

“Most of those who come to give birth do not say at the interview that they are“ in a position ”and are flying to give birth. They are afraid that they will not get a visa. All this is understandable, but such behavior is a violation of the law, by and large. When interviewing for a re-visa, they may be refused. In my practice, there were such cases. An ideal situation - a tourist tells the consul about the real reason for the trip, shows an agreement with a doctor, an account statement with the required amount for childbirth and residence in America, and other supporting documents, receives a visa, spends time in the United States not exceeding 6 months, and returns home ", - says Ilona Dzhamgarova.

Ilona assures that during the visa interview you cannot call the false reason for the trip. Photo: from the personal archive of Ilona Jamgarova

Lawyer Ilona Dzhamgarova assures that the interview for obtaining a visa can not be called a false reason for the trip. Photo: from the personal archive of Ilona Jamgarova

At the same time Ilona specifies that it cannot be excluded that the woman “in the situation” will be denied entry, even if she gives the consul all the documents and shows the necessary amount of money. The decision always remains for the consul.

The lawyer believes that nothing will change with the arrival of Trump, since the Senate will not pass his desire to repeal the 14th amendment. For example, in 2010, Barack Obama already tried to introduce a law that would allow illegal immigrants who have lived in the United States for more than 5 years and have children who are citizens of the United States to stay in America, obtain a work permit and SSN. Most of the congressmen were against, the case was referred to the Supreme Court, and its outcome was decided just a few months ago.

“America is a country of immigrants. It was built by immigrants. The President cannot simply take and repeal the amendment. The only thing he really can do is to toughen the conditions for obtaining documents, ”says Ilona.

Since the office Ilona Jamgarova provides a comprehensive range of legal services in the field of immigration law, she shares with ForumDaily exclusive information about Trump’s plans regarding immigration law: “During one of my recent cases, I spoke with an immigration officer and was told that Trump wants to eliminate immigration centers, because 90 % of cases receive a refusal and are transferred to the immigration court. Thus, the president wants to optimize state expenses, because he will not need to maintain centers and pay salaries to officers, and those who want to get political asylum can save on the services of a lawyer during the interview, and immediately go to court. ”

Ilona’s lawyer has a lot of diplomas and awards. Photo: from Ilona Jamgarova's personal archive.

Ilona’s lawyer has a lot of diplomas and awards. Photo: from Ilona Jamgarova’s personal archive

An immigration attorney says that the number of unscrupulous lawyers is increasing every day; they take money from people and promise to help them get asylum even if this is not possible. Ilona never takes on such matters, because it works for the result. Behind her, there are thousands of won political asylum cases.

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