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Features of American real estate, and why there are no fences

I often receive questions about American housing. You all probably watch films where they show houses that are not surrounded by fences, which greatly surprises our compatriots. How so? This is true? - subscribers write to me.

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Yes, Hollywood often goes overboard and exaggerates some things, but they don't lie about fences, and in most states and areas it is illegal to install fences. "How? - the question follows again. “Can’t you install a fence in your house?”

Why this is so - now we will figure it out.


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You need to start with the areas. All of America is divided into areas depending on the wealth of the family. In one area, people will live with approximately the same income per family, the rich will socialize with the rich, and the middle ones with their own kind. For our people, this division is very unusual, although recently similar areas have begun to appear in our country, but so far only for the income level “above average”. In America, there are areas of average income, below average, poor, above average and high income. If we omit the history of forced relocation (up to the end of 60-s) of blacks in separate parts of cities, then among the white population there was also a clear correlation of the place of residence from the wealth of the family.

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Who arranged the division

The people themselves are among themselves. It happens like this: someone owns land (there is almost no public land in the USA and it always belongs to someone) and on it they build a residential complex with beautiful houses in the same style, plus or minus the same size: 2 floors, 3-4 bedrooms, living room, back patio. All these houses are for sale. If a family’s income does not allow them to buy such a house, then they will look for something cheaper in another area - not near the forest, but not far from the road, with fewer bedrooms, etc.

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If a family can afford something larger than a complex near the forest, for example, where the houses are already 3 floors, with 6 bedrooms, a garage for 3 cars (and not 2 parking spaces near the house), a large backyard and a swimming pool, then they will find another residential complex near the lake. This is how it turns out that when buying this or that real estate, Americans classify themselves as belonging to one or another group (class). In America there was no Soviet power, which equated everyone to the same standard, and where everyone lived in the same high-rise apartments. In the States, such a division was established - and it still remains so. The good news is that if the opportunity arises to move to a more prestigious area, no one will say “no, you can’t” - you wave “bye” to your neighbors and go to the lake.


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Each district has its own local regulations, with which the owner of the house agrees upon the purchase of real estate, signing the relevant papers. What are these regulations and who sets them up? In most cases, these are the rules for maintaining a house and a local area in a certain form. For example, they can be spelled out, it is possible or not possible to install a fence, obligations for mowing lawns, cleaning leaves, installing any structures (for example, gazebos or children's houses on trees), for keeping animals (for example, chickens or whoever ), growing vegetables, etc. It turns out the following: you buy a house and you are the owner, but there will still be some restrictions on its use and obligations to maintain.

Who makes these rules

Local regulations are established by the residents of the area themselves at citywide meetings. I have already written that Americans are very socially active and many processes in America take place without the intervention of any higher government forces. Roughly speaking, the people of the area got together and decided that the color of the houses, which was from the developer, goes well with the local nature, so they signed the rules that the color of the external cladding of houses can be changed in a certain color range “from start to finish” and not in any other. Or do not install air conditioners on the outside of the house and do not attach any structures to the house. Basically, all the rules relate to appearance; Americans love beauty and strive to cultivate it in every possible way.

Why this is necessary

Everything is very simple. You bought a house from a developer at a certain price, just like all the other 40 residents of this residential complex. It is in your best interests that the price of this property remains the same (or better yet, increases), but does not fall in any way for some time. But among the pale yellow houses, one house appears red, and the second one is blue, because the owners wanted to repaint their property. The third owner set up an awning on the front lawn and began repairing his motorcycle and helping his biker friends do the same. And another owner (one of ours) decided to surround his house with a high fence so that neighbors would not look into his windows. How will all these changes affect the overall appearance of the residential complex?

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The area will immediately become unpresentable and fall in ranking. The real estate price of ALL (!) houses in this residential complex will fall, which means the owners will lose money. I bought a house for 80 thousand, but because of some unfortunate designers and permissiveness, in 5 years you can sell it for 40 - cool? The Americans went through all this based on their mistakes and came to common rules that are adopted at general meetings and followed by everyone.

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There are exceptions

Each rule may have exceptions. Take the same fence. For example, your home is not far from a cliff or is located near a busy highway (it is clear that we are not talking about an upmarket area, but about an average). And now you have children or you decide to start a dog (if it is not prohibited by any rules). You can apply to the local authorities for the installation of fencing in connection with fears for the lives of children or pets. It happens that they are allowed to install a fence, but it will not be a deaf high fence, but rather a temporary fence that will need to be removed after a couple of years.

What to do if you want to live your own way

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All local regulations adopted at general meetings are formalized accordingly. By breaking them, you are breaking the law and will face police, court and fines. If you want to make changes, no problem! There is a certain order: come to meetings, gather the votes of like-minded people and change the rules to your own.

If you don’t want to deal with this, then look for areas with more relaxed rules. Typically, in less prestigious areas, the rules are less stringent or may not exist at all. It all depends on society: if people want order, then they set rules and monitor their compliance.

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